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January: The Busy Girl

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Wednesday, 01 February 2017 07:17


Meet Magi. She’s the face of VickyWeek in January. And why I chose to start the year with her - it’s simple - she lives in a super fast pace and I admire that! 

If you think 24 hours a day is not enought, then Magi can teach you how to make second count and restructure your time to be everywhere :)

This is Magi. She’s one of those young people who motivate you to follow your dreams - she’s a speach therapist, on the verge of getting her Master’s and she works full time with children (which is more than enough as an activity if you ask me) oh, and I may have missed that she travels all the time! And did I say she doesn’t have any superpowers?

But enough talking about her, get to know her better by her words with the best from January :)



Magi’s associations:

Book: 18% gray (Zahari Karabashliev), Me before you (Jo Jo Moyce)

Movie: Armageddon

Music: Ed Sheeran – Shape of you – cannot live without it the whole month 

Activity: sleeeeeeeeep!

Food: pancakes

Drink: wine, wine, wine

Magi: So another month passed by, but what am I saying - it’s the first of the year :D After the holidays I had to go back to reality - responsibilities and work and uni. I ran across everything. So free time was a myth.


М: What I cherished the most were the moments of sleep and rest. This month I also managed to go to the movies (2 times).

My expectations for Passengers were a bit too high and I was left dissapointed. But I was deeply moved by the bg movie Voevoda - well made, meaningful and nice. I recommend checking it out - you won’t be dissapointed!

Vicky: I on the other hand had the pleasure to watch a play with Gerasim Georgiev - Gero and the lovely Elena Atanassova! Two in the swing is a true encyclopedia for defense mechanisms   - a psychological play full of emotions that won’t leave you neutral. There’s nothing more dynamic that human relations and the director Bina Haralampieva has created something that you have to experience for yourself!


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Photo: Drama teather Plovdiv


 М: The day I turned 23 came. On the first look - day like no other - stuff to do, work, uni. But full of telephone calls, sweet words, messages and a real paper letter in the mail <3. The evening was wonderful - small circle of friends - sweet talk and wine.

By the end of the month I finished the first semester of my Master’s (I’m not bragging but it did with more than good grades).

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V: A bit after middle of the month Arsen and I got into a snowball fight :D We laughed as kids and the coldness was nothing because of the race who will hit the other first :)


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М: January was full of emotions and dynamic moments for me. I feel extremely happy and fulfilled because there’s nothing better than being healthy, doing what you love and surrounded by people who love you.

I wish everyone this joy! And don’t forget to smile more!!!

V: I’m so happy that Magi started the new section in the blog <3 I hope you like the new format ;) How did you spend January?