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Hey for the first time in 2017! 

Hope you had a great holiday season and that you’re energized for the new year! As a start of 2017 I’m looking back to the last few weeks and letting you know what was the most interesting then :)

Look of the month

Festive lights were everywhere in December - maybe this background is familiar to you from the last blogpost but I just had to share some more shots!



Event of the month

An year ago I won an award for best essay in the Psychologist’s Society here in Bulgaria and the topic was “Psychological portrait of Bulgaria - 2015”. This December I got to see my essay published in the last edition of the Bulgarian Psychology Magazine. I was so excited and every time I open the magazine, I get those butterflies in my stomach…  The edition found its rightful place in my library and sometimes I just smile when I look at it <3

Entertainment of the month

This December was released Anton Baev’s “The holly blood”.

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I can say the novel is a read about meaning of life, happiness and unhappiness, life itself, and those things that make us love it or hate it. But what separates “The holly blood” from any other book are the characters that you remember because you see right through their souls. 

Yes, the novel is philosophical, but don’t expect those hard to understand sentences. Yes, the novel is symbolic, but those symbols are universal. And yes, the novel is my father’s and I might be biased, but my close ones know that I never compliment anyone if it’s not deserved :)

Photo of the month

The best thing (and weirdest) we photographed this month was the pretty rainbow during the holidays - we shot it on our trip to another holiday dinner :)

IMG 3604

App of the month 

These days I’m constantly using the Bloglovin’ app. If you haven’t heard of it - it’s a platform for blogs and bloggers. Your account there can be pretty useful if you read blogs or if you’re a blogger yourself. You can follow VickyWeek в Bloglovin’ and never miss a new blog post!



I hope last month of 2016 was exciting and wonderful for you and let 2017 be inspiring and amazing in all aspects for all of us! 

And lastly: I’m super excited to share that starting next month the checklist posts will be updated with a new format - I can’t wait for you to read them and why not take a part ;)

Till next time,


Photos: Arsen Nikolov

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