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Vicky’s Xmas: the warmest cold month

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016 07:18


Can anyone explain to me why does December fly? The days just seem to slip away in a supersonic speed and I do not understand why this happens always before the holidays…

Some say it’s the best time of the year. But if it is, shouldn’t it last a bit longer?

If you also think December slips away too fast, here’s how I try to keep for a bit longer these short moments - it might turn out you do the same!

My everyday life changed a lot these past month but that’s a different story. The 24 hours in the day are not enough and I try to use every free minute I have. So that’s why the beginning of December started with decorating and my Christmas spirit hasn’t left ever since! And even if there is a Christmas spirit, there has to be a Christmas feeling as well. 


This year winter is here and then it’s not: there was snow for about 2 weeks, then it disappeared, and for a few days now it’s a real spring outside… And even though the 20 degrees outside don’t feel like Christmas, the Christmas lights in the center of town light up in the children’s eyes and it just wakes this holiday spirit up ;) Next time you have at least a half hour, go for a walk in your town, pay attention to the beauty around you!

Christmas is often times associated with the feeling of “home”, but what is home: it’s the place where your close ones are, where you feel good and where you’re your most natural self. Home can be a place, but it can also be a sense. 

Everyone finds their home in a different way: mine was never a house (places change), home for me are people (they’re irreplaceable) so try spending time with the people you love and love you back. This time will never be wasted and it’ll bring you memories that will make you laugh and cry throughout the years… December somehow brings people together, that’s probably why it’s the warmest cold month :)

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In December we’re surrounded by our close ones, but we find ourselves often times alone, alone with our thoughts (if we’re not afraid of that). And what could put you in that mood of resolutions: probably a relaxing weekend, a cup of ginger tea or hot chocolate with a ton of whipped cream… or the scent of freshly baked cookies… And just like this that mood is here and there’s no going back - then we sink into ourselves, start to analyze ourselves, the others, the events that have changed us. Maybe if we did this more often, we’d be a lot more comfortable with ourselves, maybe we’d be a lot more sensitive towards what’s happening around us. But maybe we just need it to be December and to say that a new is coming soon…

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov