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Vicky’s Xmas: the sweetest tradition with Lindt

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Wednesday, 07 December 2016 07:18


December is here and there’re only 3 weeks till Christmas that are going to be quite festive here in the blog! I hope you’re up for it ;)

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about Christmas in the beginning of the month - it’s simple: I adore this holiday! But if you still can’t fully understand me, then I think you’ll get me more and more with every post these next few weeks ;)

Today I start the Christmas marathon with a special tradition.

022 3

I’m not really a tradition kinda gal (you know, the once people follow just because) - I prefer traditions that every family creates on their own, I think they’re the most valuable! I don’t think my family skips a holiday without a gathering (from birthdays, to Easter and of course Christmas). These last years often times it happens that one of us is far away but there’s an easy solution - video chat is a must have and we’re all together again :) 

But let’s get back to the main theme of today - the Christmas tradition that makes me smile every morning in December! 

This year I’m counting down the days till Christmas with Lindt and their advent calendar. Advent calendars were a must in my childhood so it’s still a tradition today! There’s something quite special about waking up and opening a window - sometimes a small piece of chocolate in the morning can make your whole day wonderful :) Actually when I look back in time, I hardly ever managed the one window a day rule, but these last few years I’m pretty strict and don’t have a problem with that! However these Lindt temptations are absolutely delicious and I hope to stick to the rule… Wish me luck! I might manage if I eat other sweets during the day :D

023 2

Sometimes in December the consumption of chocolate is just overwhelming… It might be because of the Christmas spirit or the amazing packaging. But if it’s once a year (or 31 times), it’s okay… Or we at least that’s what we tell ourselves in front of the scary scale which can tell how much fun we’ve got during the holidays…

There’s nothing to worry about - everything comes back to normal after a bit more workouts and salads in January ;)

But now’s not the time for salads, but for chocolate!

Each year big chocolate companies come up with new holiday collections. If you think of the best ones, Lindt comes in mind! This year their holiday collection is just amazing!

019 2

The packages can make a child’s heart skip a beat (and those adult choco - maniacs too) and the taste can just melt you down!

The chocolate bears, elfs and Santa Claus’ are a great stocking filler. 

And speaking of gifts - I just have to make one of you happy this Christmas with a giveaway from VickyWeek and Lindt! 

One of you will win a super cute and tasty Christmas gift: a Lindt advent calendar, a Lindt Christmas bear + a few mini gifts specially selected by me :) 

To enter the giveaway, you have to go to the blog’s favebook page and follow the instructions!

Good luck and till next time,



Photos: Arsen Nikolov