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Checklist November

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016 07:18


Is your Christmas spirit here yet? Because I can hardy keep myself from going full on Xmas mood but I still wanna wait till the 1st December for decorating. By the way December is almost here! And you know in the end of the month we do a retrospective. So let’s go back to the golden month ;)


Look of the month

Why call it golden? Because November is truly fall - there’re fallen leaves everywhere, the warm colors are a hit and the red lips are always acceptable - even at 10 a.m. ;) 

Fall inspired me - I couldn’t stop wearing fall colors and take long walks every time I could to enjoy the beauty of the season.




Event of the month

November was full of events most of which very personal - some quite positive and the others, let’s say I’m still trying to process them in the best way possible ;)

I can’t forget to mention that my travel across psychology continues this year as well. I got accepted to do my Master’s in Psychology Counseling. 


Entertainment of the month

In November was the premiere of Stoian Terziev’s new poetic book “The season of sea horses”. I think it suits the book perfectly. And fall suggests reading poetry don’t you think :) 

Many people my age don’t read poetry but I think it’s like this because they think poetry is what you study in class. And it’s not. 

Modern poetry touches because it doesn’t use hard to understand words and metaphors. Modern poetry is close to the modern people. And sometimes we all need to look into ourselves and let our emotions free. In moments like these, poetry is your best friend. 

I read the book in one sitting, a cold weekend might make you turn into poetry as well :)



Photo of the month

This month I saw a sea sunrise. I had to share the moment and yes, the photo captures it but you have to feel the calmness and beauty with your own eyes to understand it…

IMG 3476

App of the month

Do you have time to play games? I rarely do, but when I do I play Quiz Up - a game is played for 1-2 minutes. There’re fast questions on different topic you choose yourself. You compete with real people across the planet and I love to play in the Psychology field here and there to test my knowledge, but if you play with friends it’s great to try movies or music :)

Looking back at the past few weeks I feel like the golden month was kinda sentimental for me. But isn’t fall the time for emotions.

Why not… just don’t waste too much time into thinking, you should have a critical point of view - like a lamp that reminds you what’s rational and objective in every situation - you’ll see the difference it’ll make ;)


Till next time,


Photos: Arsen Nikolov