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3 looks for Halloween

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016 07:18


Do you feel the Halloween vibes already? The holiday is just around the corner and social media is filled with events and costume ideas.

Halloween has many lovers and haters in Bulgaria… The opinions are polar, but younger people tend to celebrate it.

And you know what, there’s nothing bad about it. 

Yes, Halloween is not a Bulgarian holiday. But let’s talk honest here: pop culture is everywhere around us so there’s nothing weird about the fact that we add foreign holidays to our calendars ;)

I don’t think there’s a person who doesn’t know what the holiday is all about but here’s some info: it’s a masquerade thrown on 31st October. It started from the Celts who celebrated new year then and believed that when a new year comes, the dead come down to the land of the living and seek for bodies. Celts were afraid so they dressed in animal skin and hoped to scare the dead and send them away.

Today Halloween is celebrated mostly by children and young people. Kids dress up in costumes and go trick or treating. Trick or treat is not yet done here in Bulgaria but we do have some Halloween parties in clubs. 

So here’s why me and Arsen decided to show you 3 easy and cool looks, you don’t need a special costume for them and you can recreate them with our makeup stash ;)


The easiest look is the sad clown  to recreate it you have to use a black gel eyeliner. Try drawing fine lined triangles from your eyes down to your cheeks and finish with small diamonds. Play with your lips by elongating the ends like the Joker’s smile - use black eyeliner for the ends and red lipstick for the middle, then you just have to blend the colors together. It won’t take you more that 10 minutes! 

One more thing: If you change up your foundation with a while face paint, you can look like a mime.



If you want to play a bit more, you can try with a spider web around your eye! It’s not hard, but takes a bit more time and patience - 10-15 minutes :) Start by creating lines around your eye going outwards, then connect them with slightly bended lines and finish by creating some shadows with mauve colors. It’s a great idea for the ladies who don’t want to be quite scary but still wanna do something special.

Last but not least is the look that takes most time (30-40 minutes). It’s a hybrid between an undead and a skull and why a hybrid - because it’s something different and you don’t have to be super precise (we’re not professionals after all).


Start with the easy smoky eye makeup - if you try to be minimal in your everyday look, then now’s the time to be the opposite. Don’t forget the shadow underneath your eyes - we don’t have to hide them, we have to create them. Continue with the base that has to be super light - if it’s white, it’s the best. Then color the nose black so that it looks hollow (like a skull would look like). Add teeth, in my case you can mistake them by a sewn in mouth and finish with a harsh contour of your jawline, cheekbones and forehead in cool tones.

*Don’t forget to lighten your neck as well and if you’re wearing a cut out shirt, you can add some shadows there too!



Happy Halloween to the holiday’s lovers and to the haters: if you’ve read till now, maybe you’re not hating that much but even if you are, thanks for the time you spared to read this blog post ;)

Till next time,


Photos: Arsen Nikolov