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September is already going by and fall cam with full strenght in the past few days… What else happended in the last days - well, maybe the fact that VickyWeek is 6 months old now… oh, and that the facebook friends of the blog are more than a thousand now… oh, or that we played a game for a free professional photosession in Plovdiv. And now is the moment to tell you who the winner is :) gave the prize to Borislava Encheva! Congrats ;)

And now we’re returning back to the most interesting stuff from the month!

Look of the month


The weather has become a lot cooler these past few weeks and I’ve exchanged the shorts with jeans and pants and I can’t skip the outwear now, plus the umbrella is a must have right now in my handbag. And even though fall came later in Plovdiv, it had already arrived in Sofia a while back. 


And what brought me to the capital this past month - the invitation from Vichy for their event. You can see more information about their initiative in the facebook page of VickyWeek ;)

Еvent of the month

It’s hard to say which was the best event of the month - the beginning of fall is full of events. The Fall Salon of Arts started in the beginning of the month with events everyday. Maybe my fave one is the music forum Sounds of the Ages. You can check out my articles on the Gipsy Kings, Ian Anderson and Katatonia concerts!

And for the ones who love concert photos, you’ll love Arsen Nikolov’s photogallery in Flickr :)

Еntertainment of the month 

On the 27th Ekaterina Kostova had her book release in Petnoto na Rorshah - in the friendly environment of Spirt and Spirit the novel found its first readers! But I had already become one of the first ones - a few weeks ago I read Saint Nikola and the Bay of the Horseshoe - I laughed, I cried and cried again with the story of the family from a Black sea town who is going past the Transition in a social aspect and in a private one - the transition of a lifetime - with it go by so many things… some we can bear, others are even joyful and others leave a mark that burns us every time we think of it…


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Saint Nikola and the Bay of the Horseshoe made its first steps towards the readers, you can join the story by making you purchase here ;) or wait the next book signings, I’ll share with you the dates and places in the VickyWeek facebook page!

Photo of the month

A few days ago I saw the sunrise in Varna and going back I noticed something in the train station. It was a page from a scrapbook with the words Platform 9 3/4 written on it! I just had to snap a photo of it and send it to my dear friend Dani who’s the biggest Harry Potter fan!

IMG 3241

Аpp of the month

In September I returned to using one of the best music apps ever - Spotify! You don’t have to download music to listen to it, plus the app is full of playlists with all kinds of genres, where you can find so many new bands :)

I hope you had an amazing September and I hope there’s a super productive new season ahead of us!

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Photos look of the month - Arsen Nikolov

Photo book - Julian Georgiev

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