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In the end of summer I decided to change a bit the retrospective posts :) And soon they’ll be even more different… very soon! 

Look of the month:

016 август

Even though August is suitable for dresses and short pants, this month my fave look was something quite different! The black and white combo is a favorite for a lot of ladies, for others it’s boring but I do like it. The black top with a see-though part and the skirt (which can also be a dress) in black and white made the perfect match. I went for a cool bracelet from the Senhoa collection that Coco Rocha created and a pair of wedges. I added a smokey eye and a half up hairstyle which wasn’t perfect for the windy day :)



Event of the month:

If you ask a reporter which is the least active month of the year regarding events, he’ll tell you it’s August for sure :D The lack of events is a great premise for taking a break, but a person wants to have something to talk about. Well, I have a thing to talk about even in August ;) The new book by Ekaterina Kostova a.k.a. my wonderful mother - I haven’t read it yet but I was present at the proto shoot for the book and I managed to steel a moment from it.

IMG 3119


Entertainment of the month:

A few days ago my favorite band dropped 2 of their new singles and I was extremely happy! I’m talking about In Flames and the songs The End and The Truth. The first one is fast and full of energy and the other one surprised me with a futuristic sound (I don’t know anything about music so I might be talking bullshit :D) Anyways… the band changed their sound a lot a few years ago and even though I like their old self a lot, I love the new one as well (a lot of their fans don’t agree with me though)!


Photo of the month:

It turned out that this month I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures but I did find a photo from the 14th that I’ll share with you! I took it on the parking lot of a local supermarket - I saw a retro car there that was distracting all the people around - it’s rare to see a car like this and I just wanted to take a photo of it :)

IMG 3125


App of the month:

The app I can’t stop using this month is Aviary - if you’re looking for a nice app for photo editing on your phone - this is it! It has a bunch of options you can choose from and you can turn a simple photo into a magical one!

I can almost feel the fall coming and actually I can’t wait even though I loved this summer! But every new season comes with new stuff and fresh ideas - I can’t wait to see what this fall will bring - I’ll share with you for sure ;)


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Photos: Arsen Nikolov 

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