Smells like sea and aches

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In the end of August nostalgia begins hitting for that slowly passing by summer. It's actually not a typical nostalgia because how can you miss something that's still here :) 

Even though August is almost over, we can still get away from the city and get a few days under the sun near the sea. The 2 day weekend for me ended up a 4 day one (there's nothing better than long weekends!) And took me south to the Black sea.  


You may remember I was there earlier this summer but this time we went a bit more south - to Primorsko - the town where you can find giant beaches and golden sand.

I hadn't been there for many years and seeing all those little hotels surprised me - you can literaly reach to the balcony of the next hotel. Primorsko seems like a town created by puzzle pieces but the beautiful coast and the clean north beach can make your holiday there amazing :) 


It may not the a great idea to go for a walk across the coastal street at 2 p.m. when the sun can literaly burn you but the sea breeze then is your best friend. The hour may not be ideal but the fact that there aren't many crazy people like us means that you can take awesome photos without a lot of people in the background. 


The end of August is great for sea adventures - the days are long, the sun is still shining and the sea is warmer than ever :) And speaking of the sea, it's so blue that I just had to pick this dress that corresponds with the sea theme. And by the way the breeze was a challenge for me and my dress - I had to try my best not to let my dress fly up  :D


After breaking some waves, sunbathing and walks along the coast, comes time for evening outings. Now that's when you start questioning wheather Primorsko was a good choice. 

My idea of a walk around town doesn't involve passing by clubs and restaurants where the only stuff you can hear are all those dumb meaningless modern oriental bulgarian songs. It just ain't my style. So theme parks were a go to - you can only hear the radio and the sounds of all the rides.

And while some were enjoying life in theme parks, others checking out the Plovdiv news all the time - the ones about the fire in the tabacco storage houses. When I heart about it, I remembered the locomotion about the Tabacco town a few months ago. Then the fire in the Drama theatre a few years ago. And even though I try to stay away from conspiracy theories, the version that a homeless man caused the fire by a cigarette just seems absurd! I won't think who, why and how and just remind you that a few weeks ago we used one of the buildings in some blog photos so they may be one of the last ones taken there. You can see them here!

A few days later the long weekend ended. We went back home and crossing the street of the library the air felt thick and smelled like aches. The speculations smell alike. But doesn't it seem like it's always easier to change the direction of your attention... might not be easier but it surely is more effective. 

Whatever, in VickyWeek we don't change direction, we just point you towards stuff that could make you see life in a little bit more positive way and try to make you smile... even in times we can hardly take a breath because of the thick air around :)

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov

Location: Primorsko, Bulgaria

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