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One day getaway

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Living in the heat of the city, you sometimes need a little recharge especially if you live in a city like Plovdiv where you fry in the daily 37-39 degrees… Since I had a lot of work in the first 2 weeks of August I couldn’t escape for more than I day from the city. 

But how to escape for a day?

Where better than somewhere in the mountains where the thermometer shows at least 5 degrees difference :) I’m lucky (so is everybody who lives in Plovdiv or somewhere near) because the city is close to the mountains!

IMG 3098

And why spend an afternoon out of town?

Because even if you think you don’t need a rest, a withdraw from the routine will recharge you with new power, new ideas and a bit more enthusiasm (even that it’s hard to be enthusiastic during the summer)!

This week Arsen and I pampered ourselves to a one day getaway in the Middle Forrest. The way to Panagiurishte is so well known by us because a part from my other half’s family lives there and we take up adventures in that part of the country quite often :) 

By adventures don’t picture something super exciting because everytime we try to conquer the top of the mountain, I get too tired half way through :D But I promise one day we’ll manage to go to the top…

The land of treasures is less than an hour away from Plovdiv which makes the destination perfect for a one day trip (it’s the same distance from Sofia as well)!

The town is cute and great for walks but this time we took a left turn and went to the Banya village where we were seduced by the mineral pools and mountain views!

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Both of us needed just this: a lazy day out in the sun surrounded by hot water… The essentials are all set: bathing suits, towels, flip-flops, sunglasses, a good book and a few sun protection products (this year my SPF is by La Roche-Posay)! Even for a day a relax getaway can be fulfilling when you make it that way ;)

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My day was amazing after a few rounds in the pool and after reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

If you haven’t heart a few weeks ago the last Harry Potter book came out (but everybody knows that!). The book is actually a play split in 2 parts, it has been played in London. 

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may know that when I tell you about a book or a movie I try to stay away from spoilers (which is the exact opposite of what I do in real life with my friends). This time I’ll try to stay away from spilling too much but if you want to be out of the loop before reading the book, you should skip the next few paragraphs :)

The different format of the book was great in my opinion - maybe because I don’t really enjoy long descriptions and in plays they’re super simple. To be honest the beginning of the book I wasn’t too thrilled - it starts with the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I thought that the plot was going to dig into the tracks of the past storylines. 

Well it didn’t! This time Harry, Ron and Hermione weren’t the leads. The leads were Albus (Harry’s son) and Scorpius (Draco’s son) - friends and classmates from the same house… guess which one (spoiler alert: it’s not Griffindor!). Both of them are the complete opposites of their fathers which leads to some misunderstandings - the ones between Harry and Albus are on the front line and become the reason for the adventure that drives the whole story.

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The first part was definitely the one that I didn’t enjoy as much. I wasn’t sure about the beginning but the story didn’t disappoint me! The end of the first part left me on my fingertips and I just couldn’t leave the book!

I won’t say too much but I’ll share that the story span in such a way that made all the most memorable moments come back to life and made the readers experience them all over again. The new characters were likable and we all remembered why we liked the old ones as well. The book also managed to put emphasis on the parenthood and the problems between kids and parents. And finally it managed to put on a poetic finale that could make the sentimental ones to cry for a bit ;)

For a few hours I was all consumed by the world of magic and after reading the final words from the books I came back to reality… Where the children’s voices and the splash of water were the soundtrack to my one day getaway and the sun was coming and going behind one or two fluffy clouds :)

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We certainly need these kind of day here and there - days that we dedicate to ourselves and to our most loved stuff - for me this time those were my other half, the sun, some mineral water and Harry Potter :)

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Location: Banya, Bylgaria