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Checklist July

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It's full on summer mode and it's time to go back to a sunny July to show you what's been going on! 


What happened / Where I was:

I had to spend 3 hours waiting for a new car plate number. Might have been luck I was ready in 3 hours because there's some myths people wait for 5-6 hours... Car registry really annoys me and you know why - there're 4 people working there and only 1 place you can go through. It's all about organization in my oppinion. 

IMG 3037

Oh, and there's no information where you have to wait for what. So you can wait for hours and then figure out you're on the wrong end of the building (that's what happened to a boy right in front of me). 


What I did: 

The temperatures were rising so much these past few weeks so I just tried staying inside. I spent way too much time on my laptop but I was super productive :) I almost finished my dissertation that I still have a month before handing it out. And in the spare time I was shopping online - for clothes, shoes and a new car :)  

What I watched:

IMG 3035

I sprent last Sunday watching Me before You in the company of a pack of cleenex. I few friends had recommended the book but I never did - I'm kinda sick of sicklits even though I enjoy them, they're a bit too much in the summer but I movie of that genre is somehow fine :) Me before You is a beautiful but also a tragic love story that seems weird in the beginning, funny in the middle and so so sad in the end! But you know - there can't always be a happy end. 

What I read:

IMG 2964

My friend Danny lend me a book this month. "The bookstore at the Island" makes you fall in love with it! It's written for people who read and the story is so cute! Read it to find out more :) 

What I listened to:

A few days ago Arsen played a band I had forgotten about.It's the Bulgarian band Sepuko 6. About 7 years ago we were at their concert and I really enjoyed their music. 

What I shot:

July was the month of Pokemons! And it kinds gets boring after a while (still no Pikatchu) but I enjoyed it for a good 2 weeks or so :) 

IMG 3039IMG 3028


What I used:

I used to be obsessed with Pinterest a few years back and then I kinda forgot about it. Till this month. If you use it too, you can find me here :) 


What I ate/drank:

IMG 3048

Home made limonade with mint is the best! Make a lot, keep it cold and enjoy! 


How I looked:


It's hot outside, yes, but you can't stay home or at the mall forever. So late afternoon walks are a must :) You can make them comfy if you choose loose clothing, flat shoes and a casual look with few accessories - mine are the Alex&Ani bracelets that come with a meaning and the profits go to charity :)

So that was July, hope you enjoyed the post :) 


Till next time,



Photos: Arsen Nikolov