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So last week I told you how I spend hot days away from the sea, well this week I'm still away from the sea, but these ping-pong sized ice cubes falling from the sky are the new thing :D 


Photo: Ekaterina Kostova, F2F TV

 A few hours later I was at a local art gallery for the opening night of Stefano Popvski's new exhibition. 

IMG 2988 

The sea views are so calming aren't they? And the sunset and sunrise colors are incredible - Stefano had managed to show these moments in such elegant way that it's hard to look away! The paintings were so different from the leftovers from the storm on the streets from earlier that day. 

And speaking of streets, I have to share the new obsession - it's kinda popular all over the world - Pokemon Go, you guessed right :)  

IMG 3006

The anime was popular when I was a kid but the pokemons go full on trend this summer with the new game! The Pokemon creators gave the old fans and the "new kids" a true adventure with Pokemon Go! And you know the aim - you gotta catch em all :)

IMG 3010

Pokemon Go uses your wifi or 4G as well as your GPS to show you maps of the city you're in. When you're walking down the street your phone vibrates everytime there's a pokemon on your way and you can catch it using your camera and a finger swipe. It's a virtual reality and that's probably why there has been so many accidents on the streets caused by people looking at their phones :D

The thing to always be prepared for when hunting down pokemons is always have a charged battery - the game eats your battery like there's no tomorrow! And don't forget comfy shoes :) 

So have you been playing Pokemon Go? 

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 Photos: Arsen Nikolov

Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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