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Hot days away from the sea

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… and welcome to the new VickyWeek platform :) After a long preparation I’m so happy to say “hey” from my new web home!

It’s been some time of thinking, trying and improving and the website is now live!


The hot summer needs some fresh ideas and I think that’s the right time to start something new, new projects that will make us hyper during the next weeks and months :)

Well, vanity towards the platform didn’t take over my entire time of the week.

A few days ago La Roche-Posay organized a event that I couldn’t miss! They rose awareness to the actual problems in the summer - the sun and the harm it causes to our skin.

In the summer we’re under the sunlight for a long time everyday and we don’t really think of the idea of the negative results it may cause to our skin. For another year La Roche-Posay make an appeal to save our skin wearing SPF and to check with a dermatologist once every year. 

IMG 2955


Their campaign “Become a Skin Checker” appeals to check periodically your close one’s moles because every change may cause a risk to skin cancer. And 90% of skin deceases are curable if they’re found on time!

< Become a Skin Checker with the easy ABCDE method >

- А for asymmetry

- В for borders

- C for color

- D for diameter 

- E for evolution


IMG 2957

And how to preserve our skin - check out the dermatologist’s recommendations:

Don’t stay in the sun between 12 and 16 p.m.

Don’t expose children under 3 on direct sunlight. 

Wear a t-shirt, hat and sunglasses.

If you’re under any medication, read the prescription before exposing to sunlight. 

Don’t use solarium.

Use sun protection products often - La Roche-Posay recommend their Anthelios products for the entire family!

Actually it turned out that I go by most of these recommendations :) And fun fact is that black t-shirts let a lot less sunlight to the skin rather that white ones! 

Probably that’s the reason why I chose a black shirt for one of my recent walks in Plovdiv (after 4 p.m.)!

And even though hot weather calls for beach fun, sometimes that’s impossible… In that case, we have to use our time the best way wherever we are!

For me going from one point to the destination isn’t always about rushing - slowing down can give you the opportunity to see the urban atmosphere in a different way - the old buildings, the metal fences and the street art attempts of a teenager ;)


I think they matched like a glove (not the O.J. one :D) my OOTD with the leather sandals, backpack, Rob Zombie t-shirt and the cool sunglasses I got from a Coco Rocha Fancy box that I got when I was in the US. 

Also this week I had to spend some time in the court. I was so enthusiastic about being a witness on a case (it’s probably because I love watching series and movies with lawyers and I had made up a whole fantasy around the court system). Well the case got postponed and I was disappointed. 

But I’ll tell you all about my experience once the case starts ;) And till then, we’ll talk about other stuff…

Till next time,


Photos: Arsen Nikolov