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Checklist June

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In the end of June we can finally say summer's here and I'm gonna enjoy it to the fullest :)


  • What happened / where I was:

My summer began with a week at the Black sea coast. We wanted to spend a quiet week by the sea in Ahtopol but the reservations we had made didn't quite work out and that led us to the pretty Sozopol we love so much!  


If someone tells you you can't find a a place to stay by the sea with no reservation, he's probably never tried, turns out it's easy :)

Our location was in the beginning of the New town and really close to the bigger beach. The water was warm and the sand burnt our feet - it was perfect! 


  • What I did:

Spend so many hours under the sun and walking around Sozopol at night - there's nothing better than sea views and the nes in Sozopol are to die for :) 

  • What I watched:

In June one of the best tv series ended for good – Penny Dreadful. A gothic story about characters from books and legends played by excellent actors and written amazingly!

  • What I read:

So I don't like reading thrillers but the week by the sea I felt in love with a thriller book: Gone Girl. You may have already seen the film, I haven't yet. But the book is written so well! It's the story of Nick and Amy - not ordinary, psychotic, surprising and thrilling! They're characters you won't like but you won't have patience to read the book slowly - you just have to find out what happens next... The book begins with an event that keeps you on your fingertips till the end! 

  • What I listened to:

Sound of the waves crashing while reading Gone Girl

  • What I shot:

IMG 2899

  • What I used:

My pocket book - it's an ebook reader I can't live without! 

  • What I ate/drank:


It's not about what, it's about where: I was all about spending time at night at Ginny Bar in Sozopol. Sea and rock music what more could you possibly need?



  • What I wore:


Everything strapless :)


  • How I looked:

Summer's the season for curly hair for me. The sun and sea water do enough damage so I try not to use any heat on it.


  • Who impressed me:

I spent some time with my cousin and her beautiful little daughter who melts my heart with every smile she gives me! She grows so fast and is one of the happiest babies I've seen! Plus her toothless smile is so so charming! 

IMG 2913Till next time,



Photos: Arsen Nikolov

Location: Sozopol, Bulgaria