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The best time of the year

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Everybody has a fave season, month, day or just a period of time in the year, right - at least I do :) This week was the best time of the year and I’ll tell you why!

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I spent last week in Plovdiv and in Varna and this time my trip to the sea ended up with my last exam, all I have left before graduation is my dissertation! I had luck with the weather in Varna - after the exam me and my friends went to our favorite place at the beach - Cubo - it’s definitely not only our fave place because it’s always hard to find a free table there! I stayed under the sun and even covered my feet in the sand and in the water for the first time this year - the perfect day, right ;) Oh, I forgot that I ate a giant pizza, called my mom to say Happy Birthday and took a 6 hour train to Plovdiv. Even this couldn’t have made my day less perfect, because I read a nice book on the way!


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I mentioned the best time of the year - and here is why it’s this time - summer has just began, it’s not too hot or cold, I’m done with exams and I have some exciting stuff ahead that I’ll share soon ;) 

The end of the week I spent with my brother talking about Life, the Universe and everything else… Actually it’s hard to talk to a teenager… sometimes I manage ;)

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I took advantage from the perfect weather and had a lovely walk in the Old town of Plovdiv where my other half took awesome photos of me with my new go-to tote bag from Cheese & Ashtray! It’s gray, it had a nice size and a killer print in the front! If you haven’t heart of Cheese & Ashtray, they’re Alexandra and Daniel and their helpers :) 

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They love tattoos, dotwork, prints and pretty illustrations - this passion made them start the brand which is eco-friendly. She draws and sews and he prints and takes photos - the perfect sync :) You can find their art in their facebook page, instagram and etsy! I’ll find more and more outfits to pair the tote bag with for sure!

Photos: Arsen Nikolov

And talking of finding - in the start of the week you couldn’t find me anywhere :D I had seriously decided to work on my dissertation - it was about time - it already has a separate file with the entire preface written and the start of the first chapter, and I even managed to arrange the literature on alphabetic order! I’m proud of myself for finally sitting down starting it! I hope the work goes as smooth as the start of it!

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But anyways, you can’t do one thing all day long (at least I can’t). So I managed to arrange my first summer vacay near the sea which is going to be sooner than I thought :) And contraire to the fact I always travel north, this time I’m going south ;) 

Which is your favorite time of the year?

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