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If you happen to be living in Plovdiv or just passing by, you have to know that this week “Plovdiv reads” is happening. Today I’ll tell you all about the start of the forum and all about my week and my last exam :)

My last exams started a few days ago but I only have to take 1 more exam. Cross fingers tomorrow ;) 

Given the fact that I have an exam coming up, I had to read a bunch of books last week and this took a huge part of my week. This is not something too weird for me because I love reading and this is probably the reason why I decided for my dissertation to be on psychology of creativity (I can’t really tell you anything else about it for now). And even that this hobby of mine didn’t occur during my first years in school (I have to admit that books weren’t my passion when I was younger even though my parents are not only readers but writers as well :)) - I think in time a person goes back to books and if he finds his kind of genre, he’s hooked up for life!

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I don’t believe that kids nowadays don’t read and I don’t believe that books are out of trend - it’s certain that not everybody on the Earth is reading, but literature is an all time fashion trend that is never going out of style and even that the paper editions are being replaced with ebooks, that still doesn’t mean that reading the book is now in ;) The thirst for good literature will always be there but readers will change, taste in books will change and new genres come to the market! I admit that I read a combination of normal and ebooks and I admit that not everything I pick up I finish but I also admit that a good book can give me energy and even a different perspective on life :)

And is there a better thing than a new meaning and a new perception of the world - you can’t say that yours haven’t changed in the years… And speaking of perceptions, I think everybody knows that Plovdiv has always been recognized as the city of arts and culture. Annually the city celebrates literature with the festival “Plovdiv Reads”. This year from 6th to 12th June you’ll be able to attend a bunch of literature events.

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My week started with the translations of Ivan Valev and Manol Peikov - both of them have the “Plovdiv” award and one of them took a part in my study that I’ll tell you about soon :) They presented originals and translations of literature that they have worked on in the Ethno House in Plovdiv - it’s great to hear original pieces and their translations and even though I don’t understand Polish, it was a delightful time for me to hear the language! Later that day I went to “Trakart” where I attended a literature reading moderated by Nacho Hristoskov. 

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A day later the official opening of “Plovdiv Reads” and the award “Orpheus wreath” took place. This year the award went to the poet Kalin Donkov. The evening started with a 10 minute film about literature and its meaning - I don’t want to sound harsh but what I’m about to say is going to sound that way. 

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I think this event is a positive one and literature is something that makes you feel good. The mourning music and the black and white frames from the short film just weren’t supposed to be there. The feeling of ruin and some kind of disgrace leave a bitter taste in the mouth and in my opinion this doesn’t correspond to the spirit of “Plovdiv Reads”. And you know what - people say that nobody reads nowadays but earlier that day, despite the rain, the Alley of the book was full of people who were picking up new books to fill in their home library! Why didn’t the short film show this kind of stuff?

After the film it became much joyful on stage with the major’s address and the award :) And then the concert started - I stayed just a few minutes for it because it’s stupid to be at a live concert and to hear a playback - I can do that too! 

And still, despite the bad weather, the short film and the playback I have a nice time with my dad and Arsen, who was behind the lens :)

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Even that I have to miss a couple of days from the forum because of my trip to Varna, I’m coming back for the end of “Plovdiv Reads” and I’ll attend the last events!

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov 

 Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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