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I have the strange feeling that I sat down writing the April checklist just a few days ago! May passed so fast. And because the middle of the year comes rushing in, everyone’s starting to plan their vacation and we’re starting to unwind. I’d say that I like to do everything in the last possible moment (I may not enjoy that but I certainly do it everytime) but procrastinating during the whole month got me here - in the start of the new one. Anyway time is starting to slip away so I kind of started to panic a little bit! 

What happened:

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In the beginning of the month VickyWeek’s facebook page got 500 likes and my friends from Print-em-all and I decided to make someone happy with a custom made VickyWeek mug - you can even see the process of making a custom mug in a video here! The lucky one was Albena Georgieva, she came to the Etnhohouse in Plovdiv to get her present :)

First the idea was to give the custom mugs as gifts for every milestone but considering the fact that a lot of people asked me about the mugs, I can officially tell you that you can order them!

If you want a custom VickyWeek mug, you can contact me via email or via the blog’s facebook page!

What I did:

31 days would just be dull without traveling so I took a trip to Varna for a few days :) In the end of the month were my last classes and I couldn’t miss them. I didn’t quite get the perfect weather but my friend Natalie and I got a room in a lovely hotel with a pretty view with a pool and a garden… oh, a a nice wifi! This might be my next home next year :)

13312635 1099793926729768 8548219345151618202 nWhat I saw:

We have a tradition at home - it’s sitting together in the evenings watching a movie. Sometimes we trust the TV program and sometimes we choose the titles. One of the weekends during May we saw one of the funniest comedies ever! Everyone at home LOLed at Parental Guidance. The duo Billy Crystal and Beth Midler was set for success from the start but I didn’t expect to like it that much!

What a read:

This month I had to read a lot for my dissertation because there might be some time till September but it’s gonna pass super quick! I can proudly say that I read a ton of books and articles on Psychology of Creativity and I’m starting to write right after my exams!

What I listened:

As dumb as it may sound this month I didn’t spend any time in listening to music. I think the only music I was listening to was the one coming from the radio in the car while driving - I always sing out load even if the windows are opened :D

What I photographed:

My fave photo of the month is the photo of the photographer! While my boyfriend was shooting the session of Deny with her pretty prom dress I shot him! The color of the street art were corresponding so well with the colors of Arsen’s outfit, don’t you think so :)

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What I used:

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What I used:

I received the Realash serum in the second half of the month. Since the 19th I’m religiously using the serum every night before going to bed! Keeping up with a routine has never been too difficult for me so I haven’t missed even a day to apply it! The idea of this serus is to make your lashes longer, thicker and fuller. The website says that your lashes will become 83% longer and 79% fuller, I cannot say if the results will be that effective but after a 2 week use, I can say that I really do see a difference! My lashes are thicker and a bit fuller. I’ll update you later with all of the effects!

What I ate / drank:

Fruit! Tons and tons of fruit - from apples to pears and cherries and strawberries! In May you can see so many kinds of fruit in the local shops and markets! I can seriously eat this all day! The best thing is that melon (my favorite fruit) is everywhere!

How I dressed:

I saw the page of this cute vintage store called BanAnna and the idea of combining the character of the clothes with happiness is just brilliant! Their motto is “happiness suits all” and just catches your attention! And who is the main person behind BanAnna - it’s Anna Tomova, she finds her fashion pieces in a nontraditional way for about 10 years now! She seeks vintage clothes of brands you can’t find on the bulgarian market and she seeks models that are different from everything the stores have to offer. She told me that she kept her secret for a long time but it’s time to share it with the world :) The piece of treasure she found for me is this cute tunic (some may say it’s a dress) - it’s backless and assymetric! I paired it with a pair of leggings that you can mistake for a pair of jeans and comfy flat sandals (perfect for long walks) :)

How I looked:

I wore my big smile because this was the message my tunic came with :) And I also chose warm tones on my eyelids and glow on my skin - it just looks adorable in the sunlight!

Who impressed me:

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This month Kremi impressed me - she’s Kremi from Kremi and Ivan, Kremi - my mom’s partner while playing cards, Kremi - the other Vicky’s mom, Kremi - my mom’s bridesmaid or just Kremena Shishkova who I know since I was a little girl and who I love as a part of my family and for a while now she’s Kremi the almighty! She impressed me this month because she decided to do something that most people are scared of especially in this part of life where she’s at, when you have a lot behind your back (family, experience, social status…). She decided to do what in psychology people call professional reorientation. It’s always spoken about in a positive way and it corresponds with fulfillment. However people are afraid of change but she, she’s not afraid and that’s why she impresses me! Good luck in your new ventures, Kremi :) 

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