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The most colorful week

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This may have happened to you as well: having a few days that are somehow special and full of colors. For me the whole past week has been this way! And even though it rained almost everyday, my mood was more than sunny ;)

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Right before the weekend in the Ethno House in Plovdiv there was a gallery opening night that was unusual for Bulgaria. 20 original drawings of modern artists were displayed. I’ve never in a million years imagined that I’d see original works of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basqua, Picasso, Salvador Dali and Rene Magrit in Plovdiv! 


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And even though modern art isn’t for everyone, I always liked it. I guess everyone has their own perspective on art. I go to art galleries ever since I was little but I do feel that you either have the eye for art or don’t - and your taste may be different from the person sitting next to you. I don’t believe that art is the same for everyone. I’m not an expert even though I did manage an art gallery for a couple of months last year, but I have always had this particular taste in art (literature as well) - I don’t like a lot of things that art people find extraordinary in art history. 

Often times pop art hasn’t been well received in Europe (especially eastern) but I always liked it! A week ago I had only seen Andy Warhol’s pieces online and his interesting view on life through some sort of colorful sunglasses is awesome! “Everything is art” is the slogan of pop art and thinking about it actually everything can be art if you look through a creative perspective… even a can of tomato soup ;) 

This week I had the chance to read a few books for my dissertation and I saw a quote of Picasso that stuck with me: “I used to draw like Raphael, but it has taken me a whole lifetime to learn to draw like a child.” And you know what, this is where art stands - children’s imagination, in games, pictures… this art in its pure form! I will probably talk about this more some other time ;) 

If you look through Picasso’s art, you’ll see those pure childish touches that makes the piece so remarkable and unforgettable. Some art experts may say that I’m saying bulshit but that’s the way I feel it. And isn’t that the most important?

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The famous printings of Marylin Monroe in bright colors are probably what comes to mind when you say pop art. I managed to see a few live and me and my other half even took a few funny photos with them! 

In the spirit of bright colors I decided to go for a turquoise top that I paired with a bright coral lip. This was my casual: flat shoes, jeans and a jacket. It was kinda all about those matte lips that stayed about 8 hours! This one is from Golden Rose - it’s not drying and it applies super easy!

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Speaking about colors, this week I even made some colorful muffins. And I had a walk in the most colorful district in town: Kapana. Sunny days there are awesome - you can find so many colors in every little street. Walks in Kapana are a new favorite of mine! The other day I spent a bit of time there and the colorful places remind me so much of a carnival, the art shops make you wanna buy some stuff that you can always find use of. 

All the pretty colors challenged my creative half to take a bunch of photos of me and the surroundings. 

Free time always makes me want to be as casual as I can be! A fave polo shirt in light blue, ripped jeans and a pair of comfy sneakers is all I need! And because colors were dominating in my mind, I chose a colorful lipstick again ;) The new sticks from Golden Rose are hydrating and have SPF 25!

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You only need SPF for a few hours these days and it’s all because it rains all the time! A few days ago a storm even got me stuck in my car. I felt like I was driving on rivers and not on the road and by the time I arrived, I noticed I had no umbrella with me and it was pouring! I managed to run home soaking wet but it’s okay, because my laptop was fine :D 

The steak of rainy days was broken yesterday! I spent it with my closest person who had his birthday. As a result I ate too much cake, candy and strawberries with cream so I’m recovering now :D 

I’d love it of you share what you were up to these past few days in the comments below or on fb! 

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov

Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria