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So it's finally time for April's checklist :) 

What happened/where I was:
IMG 2657This month I was everywhere! I went back and forth Varna-Plovdiv at least 4 times (and that's 400 km one way). So travelling as much makes you loose track of time. But the 6 hours on a train give you the opportunity to read a book, catch up on a tv show or sleep :D 

What I did:
So Easter was this month. Which leans eating a lot in our household! We colored some eggs and ate too much cookies on the holidays. 

IMG 2611

What I saw:

Captain America: Civil War - managed to see it on premiere night! And absolutely loved it!

I don't really like Capitan America but the movie was way cooler than Winter Soldier

What I read:

IMG 2616Last week Kostadin Kostadinov's new book came out. "Ifigenia's coast" is a book made from a few short stories that I loved to bits! 

What I listened to:
As we all know Prince passed away this past month. Corrie Taylor's performance of Purple Rain in tribute was absolutely breath taking! 

What I shot:

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IMG 2632

What I used:

So my battery life is always empty as it is for many :D Having a portable charger becomes a nessecity in 21st century! Mine is a lifesaver so often! 

IMG 2664

What I ate/drank:
Strawberry shake is the next best thing <3 

IMG 2630

10 – 12 strawberries

2 bannanas

1 vanilla extract

1 cup of yogurt  

250 ml whole milk or almond milk

Blend it up and enjoy!

What I wore :
I loooved this cape this month - I wore it so much that if you saw me, I was probably wearing it ;) 

How I looked :
I got the new Carly Bybel palette and I cannot stop using it <3 It's amazing for everyday and even night time looks. 

Who impressed me:
I met many people this past month. But the meeting with Selena's psychologist - Maria Vladimirova truly impressed me. I can;t wait to call her a colleague in a few months when I get my diploma!

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