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Seven sunny days

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Do you remember that saying that all good things last up to 3 days? Well, this week it did 7 ;) And the good thing was the amazing weather outside! So I managed to take most of the sun this past week, I hope you did too. 

IMG 2456When I'm in Varna and the weather is nice me and Natalie (my roommate) take walks down to Golden Sands. This time Мisha came along too. The 10K we walked were super energetic because of the pretty views and calm streets.

Have you ever been to a resort type of town before the open season?

It looks like a ghost town. 

Now imagine that just a few weeks from now it's gonna be full of tourists - it's funny how the scenery changes whitin a few days... 

And speaking of calm views, the view from my uni to the sea is breath taking! By the way during this sunny week my uni celebrated it's 25th anniversary and presented its new platform Smart Future, where students, professors and experts will meet in one place. 

IMG 2552

So in 7 days I managed to travel across the coutry to go back home to Plovdiv. Where it really felt like summer. So why not spend the day outside?

IMG 2544

And can I just mention my cool graphic tee I can't stop wearing?! 

And best thing next to time outside is sharing a drink with your other half - our choice is always a fresh lemonade! 

IMG 2500

Till next time,