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A week of selfies and ice cream

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Spring is finally here! This may be the most beautiful season - the trees are green, there’re flowers everywhere, there are more and more sunny days and the day gets longer - there’s nothing you don’t like about spring right?

Because everything is so pretty, people want to spend more time outside. I do the same! And if a few years ago I spend days near the sea only in the summertime, now this is different. Ever since I started splitting my time in Plovdiv and in Varna, I started to enjoy the beach in the colder weather as well. Well I don’t wear my bathing suit and I don’t go in the sea but still I love spending time on a beach cafe even in the winter!

IMG 1721

April is perfect for a walk on the beach - there’s not a lot of people and the horizon is so wide - the same as it is in my mind when I imagine the sea!

IMG 2433

On Wednesday me and a few of my friends from uni went to the beach to celebrate our friend’s Misha’s birthday. You know, sometimes when you spend a lot of time with the same people you start to think the same - you may be curious why I say this - well, actually we gave Misha a gift that as it turned out she already owned! Long story short - everything turned out okay after our first disappointment…
IMG 2414

And speaking of the weather, I have to share my obsession - I’m absolutely obsessed with ice cream! I can honestly eat only this all day long! I just have to show you this photo of me with the from 2014 when I was in New York. The ice cream on 5th Avenue wasn’t that good but it was probably the most expensive one I have ever had. But well, it’s once in a lifetime thing right, plus the photo turned out great ;) And when it comes to ice cream I have a favorite - it’s hands down the pistachio flavored one. Which one is your fave flavor?



From ice cream we’re getting to the weekend - there may be no rational connection between them but in my mind one thing leads to the other ;) Weekends are probably the favorite days of the week for a lot of people, well there’re mine too! This Sunday was very special for me - my other half and me celebrated our 7th anniversary - for some this may seem too sentimental but for me it’s another occasion to feel special even though a person doesn’t need an occasion for this! It’s just our day on which we couldn’t not make a bunch on selfies, eat some good food, play our fave game and watch a nice movie that turned out to disappoint us - well, we did all the things we love doing in our free time!

And what else I do during my free time - I travel :D This week I finally saw a stork on my way to Varna and I finally got rid of my marteniza hanging it on a tree near the hotel where I live in.

IMG 2440 1

The start of the week was filled with stuff to do and I had to be at my laptop brainstorming. I had to get a pair of anti reflex glasses because of that I stay on the screen for a long time every day. And I like them more than I thought! 


IMG 2431

Of course everyone should relax even if he has a ton of work to do. Well, I’m one of those people who prefer to speed up their work - I always wait till the last minute to do the work and then I work like a storm :D I’m the queen of procrastinating!

So I was telling you that everyone should relax for a bit. And everyone finds stuff that make him not think of anything. Well, for me that’s youtube - I can watch videos all day long! One of my favorite entertainment channels is ScreenJunkies where they speak about movies, they have movie fights and show trailers in a funny way. This week the most interesting video for me was the one about Doctor Strange. It’s being in production right now and it’s starring the one and only Benedict Cumberbatch (he played Smaug in Hobbit) - one of my favorite actors! So the video was super entertaining for me, I can’t wait for the movie to come out!

By the way the first trailer for the movie came out today and it’s just awesome!


IMG 2441

This was my week, how did you spend yours :) 

Till next time,