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Can you believe it's already April?! It can be quite cliche but time really flies these days... In the beginning of each month I'll share my checklist with you - my fave stuff from the past month :)

March is always my favorite month - cause it's my Bday month. And that's my fave holiday! I sometimes joke that it's like Christmas just for me - because I get all the presents - selfish but honest ;) 

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This March was a rollercoaster of feelings - some positive, others negative. But that's normal - you can't always live on cloud 9. So you have to always find the balance and see the world in a more philosophical way. 

March began with martenizi and weekends. I had close to none activities in uni and I'm really feeling that's my degree is coming to an end (so soon)! 

  • Where I was:

12325696 684582098348725 707537399 o 300x200I was with my close ones for my 23th birthday. There's this thing - as older you get the more you start appreciating time spent with family. Well I spent my bday with my family and then with friends - the more reasons to celebrate - the better! 

It's getting harder and harder to gather around with all my friends but in time you start cherishing those moments even more. 

  • What I did: 

In my spare time I did some research for my dissertation.

  • What I watched:

The best movie of the month for me was Room. The main actress won an Oscar for the role so I had to watch it and it was worth it!

  • What I read:

I love reading all kinds of books and articles. This month I enjoyed an article about social phobia on Psychology Today. I love the way their writers write about topics, it's sort of my morning newspaper :)

  • What I listened to:

Paralized by In Flames. It's not new nor have I heard it now for the first time but somehow I couldn't stop listening to it! 

  • What I shot:

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  • What I used:

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  • What I ate/drank:

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  • What I wore:

thumb IMG 2338 1024 300x300A plain white silk shirt with a high waisted skirt was a hit this March for me! 

  • How I looked:

Loving the simple yet elegant winged eyeliner this month!

Who impressed me:

12241175 10208020413457829 7459161883394613745 n 300x300My cousin Dessy became a mother this month and I'm serously impressed by the way she changed! The new role suits her so good! 

Hope you enjoyed my first checklist :)

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