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It’s finally time for the first proper post on VickyWeek! Last week was great for me - it started with fluttering over the start of the blog and the excitement from the first impressions that the introduction led to. I was so exited to find out what people who met me through the blog thought and what my friends and family thought as well. 

23rd March used to be just another date in the calendar but this year it all changed! It’s all because it’s the date I launched VickyWeek and the date on which my family got a bit bigger because of a little princess that I think would call me “aunt”! I still don’t know her personally but I’m dying to change that!

During the week I managed to make a little sweet temptation. The lovely Elle from eatlovemakeup (which is one of the best bulgarian beauty blogs) shared a recipe for cupcakes with Oreos - the minute I saw the post I knew they would be amazing! And they truly were! 

The newest coffee shop in Kapana opened just a few days ago! Monkey House is the place where you’d find me quite often when I’m in town. Cute, boutique looking and really vintage - that’s how I’d describe it - and it’s all because of the fact that every detail has been precised!

Even the name stuck me and let’s talk about the atmosphere - it’s so energizing - the place would easily become favorite for a lot of people. You can find hand drawn coffees, delicious homemade baked stuff and fresh sandwiches! Iskra and Ludmil - the owners - are going to take care of the coziness and the smiles behind the counter next to the baristas. They recommended the cheesecake that already has a following and if you’re looking for the perfect cheesecake, you should swing by and try it :) Monkey House is situated in the beginning of Kapana district, right next to the games store.


The premiere of the long awaited Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was during the end of the week. I might sometimes prefer romcoms but I surely never miss a superhero movie (that’s not including X Men but that’s a different story). After the huge success of Deadpool I wasn’t sure there would be a movie from DC or Marvel that would excite me again. Well as it turns out - I wasn’t right! I was form those ones who weren’t that happy when it turned out that Ben Affleck was going to play Batman - I just didn’t think it would suit him but I was deeply wrong! Actually it turns out Bruce Wayne’s personality was perfect for Affleck - he showed an older, more serious and darker version of Batman. I don’t want to spoil the movie for you so I’ll just say that it’s amazing from the beginning! It starts with the end of Man of Steel - with the destruction that frustrated a lot of fans of the franchise - it affects Bruce Wayne in the same way; he’s in Metropolis in the same time! Jesse Eisenberg was the other actor I wasn’t so sure about… He presented an interesting figure - the well known Lex Luthor who was so psychotic in a way and that made the personality so memorable! 

I won’t say anything too much about the plot but you can be sure that it’s going to keep you on edge and a lot will happen… if you’re into DC movies, you’ll be pleased to find all the easter eggs that Zack Snyder made visible for the hardcore fans!

On Sunday we moved the clocks… or they moved themselves… I always get this mixed up! I can never forget how two years ago I had my statistics exam and I was afraid that my phone wouldn’t change the time itself so I changed it before going to sleep. As it turned out - my phone was actually smart and it changed the time so I woke up 2 hours earlier than I needed to. I didn’t get enough sleep but I sure wasn’t late for the exam! This year I had to hop on the train to Varna but I didn’t wake up 2 hours earlier ;) After a book I was by the see where the sun was shining and there was barely any wind!

I might have a ton of books I have to read for my dissertation but when I travel I prefer reading fiction. I may be super slow because I found out about Kurt Vonnegut this year and all credits for this goes to Goodreads - a friend of mine told me uses it and I became a fan shortly. Thank you, Dany :) Ever since I started using it I found a lot of books I’d love to read because of the ratings I give to books I have already read. 

The close to 7 hour ride on the train wasn’t so bad because of Slaughterhouse 5! It’s the 2nd book from Vonnegut I read and the 2nd one I enjoy in a weird way. There is something quite strange in the style he writes - it either attracts you or not. I do like it even considering the fact that it takes to get used to it. 

The book itself is a collaboration of absurd events that binds along with the Second World War through the eyes of a soldier. As strange as it may be there’s something really honest about it. In my opinion it reminds me of the imagination of a child that naturally tells story after story. The world of the Tralfamadorians is surprisingly attractive: “The thing that we read in our books is beautiful moments in depth seen all together” - don’t you want to read this kind of books?

I can’t miss to share my fave outfit of the week! It was that simple but totally cute sporty dress with 3/4 sleeves in gray and A-line, I wore it with dark gray leggings and a pair of boots I love so much! The fun part was the colorful scarf in pink, green and cream - it makes everything sync together!

You can see that I still wear my marteniza from the 1st March - I’m one of those people who wait to see a stork to remove it! And I still haven’t. 

That was my week. How did you spend yours? I’d be happy if you share with me in the comments or in my facebook page!

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov, Julian Georgiev 

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