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A July salty week

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In the peek of the summer cities become more and more deserted and the sea side places get super busy.

And even though our on Black sea you can hear mostly foreign languages, you can still get a glimpse of Bulgarians here and there :) 


Last week was salty and sunny for me.

We spent a few super cool days in our fave Sozopol where time stops.

The hours at the beach go by so fast that in a blink of an eye the week is at its finish line. 

But sometimes that’s all you need - days that collide and bring complete relaxation.


Combine those days with good friends, a fun game (Uno was our choice) and some sun protection for less burnt shoulders and you’ll end up with the best week by the sea ever!

Ours was truly the best <3

This year I trust Nivea and their sun oil with SPF 30 that’s easy to apply and quickly became number one for me and Arsen!


I cannot wait to tell you everything else about our holiday by the sea in the weeks ahead and to pile up all those photos that are the best we’ve ever taken (if you follow my social media accounts, then you'd have already seen a few sneaky photos ;)) <3

Till next time,


Location: Sozopol, Bulgaria