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Meet Marina - the face of VickyWeek for July!

Marina is one of those girls that somehow have mistaken the era they were born in - there’s something quite aristocratic and delicate about her - like black and white camera - a true nostalgic sweetness that you cannot explain :) 

It can be explained why she fell in love with swing dancing though - with a sensation about jazz and unique retro fashion of high waisted skirts and perfect hairstyle - it just suits her :)

And even though she spends her everyday life close to modern technologies, in her spare time dancing gives her that “retro” vibe that a lot of people need! ]

Check out how Marina spent her July…

Marina’s associations:

Book: Hiroshima, mon amour (Marguerite Duras)

Movie: Urga - love theory

Music:Van Morrison - Moondance

Activity:Dancing... a lot ☺

Foor:Ice cream

Drink:Home made limonade

M: Last month brought unmercifully hot days as well as a lot of pleasant feelings.




M: In July I spent a wonderful week in Sozopol and the vacay was so long awaited. 

I love the sea. It’s hard not no fall in love with the all-consuming timelessness that rules there. It’s like the whole triviality of everyday looses its forms by the shore, washes away in the salty foam of waves and disappears in the blue horizon.

I already can’t wait for the next vacation. ☺

V: It’s July which screams “summer” so it’s somehow natural to seek sun and sea. I have to share a few words about the best week by the sea with friends, cameras and wonderful weather, it’s not by chance that me and Marina talk about a particular week by the sea - we spent it together - you already saw the first bunch of photos in La Dolce Far Niente post but there’s plenty more so stay tuned :) 



M: One of the things I did and is a highlight not only this month is dancing. About an year and a half ago I signed up for swing and I find this to be the best decision I’ve ever taken.

The atmosphere of every party and the music are amazing, the people who are a part of this community - also. It’s hard to resist. ☺

The emotion that dancing brings is addictive. It’s fun, exciting and freeing! When you dance swing, you just feel joy ☺

V: I want to go back to an activity similar to dancing again because I miss that feeling but maybe in the fall (I’ll share when I do).. This month however  if you’re into shopping, you’ve certainly seen the SALE signs everywhere in the malls, well, me and Arsen surely did and we shopped a bit, oh, I lot but sometimes it’s hard to resist!

And when you say that this is gonna look great on photos, the blog becomes a great excuse to buy more… 

I’m interested what excuses you make up :)


shot july marina


shot july


M: I hope what August brings is as good as July’s experiences...



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