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Meet Silvia - the face of VickyWeek in August. 

She’s one of those people you can call a true aesthete - maybe because of her look upon art or maybe because of the art she creates everyday on the faces of her clients.

Silvia is one of the best makeup artists in Bulgaria (and I’m not the only one saying so :)). She manages to capture the beauty in everyone and she delicately defines the unique features of every face - maybe that’s why so many makeup artists to be choose her as a teacher!

I, however, am gonna share with you a photo from the first makeup she did on me <3

august makeup

So let’s see August through her eyes :)

S: I’m a hyper active person, I can’t rest and lay just like that, this drives me crazy. I love colors and ever the grayness of some of them… To be a makeup artist and teacher is a dream come true!

Silvia’s associations:

Book: Mary Poppins

Movie: Legend (2015)

Music: Depeche Mode

Activity: Do makeup/draw and take photos in my spare time and in my busy time as well :)

Food: Pasta, of course

Drink: Bloody Mary




S: August is a month to be by the sea so I was in my favorite Lozenec and after this in Fanari (Greece). 

I also combined pleasure with wellness by attending a masterclass in Drama. I’m quite impressed by the teacher makeup artist. The perfect knowledge of colors is really important when it comes to good results. I’m been doing a Colorist class for a while now because that’s a topic that a lot of makeup artists lack experience in. 

Other than my sea adventures, I had a few mountain ones. A few days ago I went into a cave for the first time in my life and I loved it! It was Snejanka. It was so nice walking 30-40 minutes on a hard terrain because “walking” to my car is not really doing it… The cave itself was really white and beautiful and cold (about 5 degrees)… like Snowwhite’s home. I was impressed by the colors and shadings made by nature - they gave me some ideas I will recreate in makeup!

V: My August was far from the sea and in the weekends close to the mountains - the places with pools are a good alternative to the sandy beaches :)

Even the kids voices couldn’t beat the calm of the mountains - it somehow stays as a background white noise…


S: I graduated the best microblading academy in the world Phi Brows, where you have to go through 11 levels to get certified! Microblading is a Japanese method. You make fine micro cuts, hair like, on the first layer of the skin and you put pigment afterwards. It’s a semipermanent method and has nothing to do with the horrific eyebrows from years ago that remind of snakes in a blue-green tint :D The procedure hurts a little but we use anesthetic. Everyone can go through with the procedure but it’s perfect for thickening or fully forming beautiful brows and the pigments I use are mineral!

august brows

V: My August, holiday looking for many, was quite full of stuff to do. Organizing a ton as well! Fall seems to be the most interesting season every year - my September calendar is already full of events that I cannot wait to talk about ;)



shot august

shot august v

S: I wish you all a nice rest of the summer filled with happiness, meeting with friends, good food and of course - do good!



You can see Silvia’s beautiful creations in her facebook page!

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