Transitional in the Old Plovdiv

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September is one of those months that overtakes us - because of the end of vacation season, the busier city and the change in weather.

Yes, it’s still summer, but the evenings are cooler and the mornings fresher… 

That’s why September is transitional. 

I adore transitional months - there’s something quite special about them.  

Maybe because September reminds us of the new season ahead and everything new is exciting!


In a warm Saturday afternoon Arsen and I went for a walk because there isn’t the same heat from the previous months and because it’s never too late to feel like a tourist in your own hometown :) 

I love the Old Plovdiv. 


The cobblestone streets are full of history that you sink into with every step you take. 

And you have to think about every step you take there, because of those cobblestone streets ;) 

That’s why I chose Oldcom's espadrilles!



These are one of the comfiest shoes I’ve worn - you hardly feel them on your feet because they’re super light and the ethno elements are in style and also so cute :) 

Espadrilles are the perfect shoes for the transitional months: you’re not too hot or too cold with them, plus comfort comes first… or the fun designs - you choose!


So my transitional September will be just like that - comfy and cute…

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov

Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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