Summer’s End Blues

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Can someone explain why do we get the summer blues every year? 

It somehow seems like this sadness we only feel towards summer. 

Maybe because of the sunny days.

Maybe because of the hot sandy beaches.

Maybe because of the salt in the hair from the splashing waves.  

Or because of the the long nights at a beach bar…

golden sozopol3

Yeah, the end of summer does bring nostalgia along the way. 

That’s why I want to put an end to the warm season with a quick throwback to a favorite place of mine at the Black sea -  the dreamy Sozopol with all the fishermen’s boats at sunset. 

In the golden hour.

To welcome the even more golden season - my favorite fall :) 

golden sozopol

golden sozopol1

Till next time,


Photos: Arsen Nikolov

Location: Sozopol, Bulgaria


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Comments (4)

  • Jenny

    Wow, your beautiful girl and I'm in love with your outfit, very chic! xx

    <a href="">Jenny | Krystel Couture</a> X

  • Victoria

    In reply to: Jenny

    Thank you so much Jenny!

  • Yara Mel

    It's indeed hard to say goodbye to Summer! Your photos look lovely! Amazing hat :)

  • Victoria

    In reply to: Yara Mel

    Thank you lovely <3