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Meet the charming actress Elena Atanassova - the face of VickyWeek in September! It’s somehow natural in the month of Stage at Crossroads (a theater festival in Plovdiv, Bulgaria) to have as a guest someone from the theater, and thinking of actors and actresses, Elena’s name is the first one to pop up - her exquisite characters are so memorable and so different. 

See the artistic September through her eyes :)

Е: I’m Elena Atanassova. Actress. I love my job and the opportunity to live many lives through it. I love music, it’s the emotional path to the soul of the viewer and an important component of a play.  

Elena’s Associations:

Book: The Unbearable Lightness of Being - Milan Kundera - rereading it now, but I do have a long list of favorite authors and books :)

Movie: The Bridges of Madison County but still - I do have a list with more important movies for me ;)

Music: Sting, U2, Nora Jones...

Activity: My jobs requires a lot of traveling. I’m from Sofia, I work in Drama Theater Plovdiv and my suitcase is always ready for the road!

Food: Italian cuisine

Drink: Wine, especially rose.


Е: Last month we premiered “Russian Marmalade: PostChekhov” during the Stage at Crossroads festival. The play was written by Ludmila Ulicka, directed by Vladimir Gurfinkel. It was an incredible meeting with a Russian team that enriched me!

V: I saw the particular play, as well as a few more - you can read about them in previous posts (only available in Bulgarian). This year the festival was great - I can’t wait to see the schedule for the new season of the Drama Theater!


Е: I became an year wiser this month ;)

V: And I managed to snap an unforgettable moment from the Shturcite concert earlier this month - you can see the shot below :) 


semptember1       september2

Е: I wish everyone to have a lot of energy, creativity and good thoughts to live a meaningful life in our beautiful country!


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