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If you follow me on instagram, you may already know that last week I took a quick trip to my second home - Alicante, Spain :) 

I needed more sunshine and girl talk to recharge!


The autumn change of batteries was refreshing -  a few real talk sessions, the ones only girls can do, you know - the talks that go through tears and revelations and end up with smiles and laughter…


Everyone needs these girly conversations - the ones that make you rethink, give you a shoulder for support and feel recharging - they’re honest, necessary and straight forward :)

Our October siesta in the heart of Alicante managed to look into the daily life of three ladies - each one with different priorities, different thoughts on life, different point of view and different current issues :)


Me, my mom and Mimi - because times 3 puzzles get solved easier <3 

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Photos: Julian Georgiev

Location: Alicante, Spain

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  • Frances

    Gorgeous pictures! It's always great to have some time to re-charge with the girls! xx

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  • Victoria

    In reply to: Frances

    Thank you so much Frances!