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Meet Maria, you may recognize her as the face of  the blog LaMartinia :)  Although it’s only online, I feel like I know her. And this has certainly something to do with her incredible ability to transport you within her stories. I definitely prefer blogs where people write, and are not only a place for beautiful imagery, that’s why Maria’s blog impressed me for the first sight (and her Cuba posts are short stories, perfect for a book :)). I believe she’s a true storyteller. But check out how she describes herself…

М: Maria – mother of two, with different and unstable interests. Idea generator, author of LaMartinia, creator of Parentland.bg, happy floating on freelance practice and flexible work hours.


Maria’s associations:

Book: “The Master and Margarita” - Bulgakov, everything from Marquez, Radichkov, Steinbeck

Movie: “Manchester by the Sea” – lately; “Casablanca”, “Lost in translation”, “Before Dawn” and “Before sunrise” – all time

Music: Bryan Ferry, David Bowie, Cesaria Evora, Mario Biondi, Buena Vista Social Club, Eliades Ochoa, Nina Simone

Activity: meeting people who don’t look at their phones all the time; cooking favorite food; arriving at a new or well known place

Food:  excellent bread with excellent butter

Drink: wine of the season; Margarita; freshly squeezed fruit; lemon water


М: I spent last month almost only working, weekends included.

V: My October was full of tasks too, but I managed to squeeze a few day for a quick sunny trip to Alicante (see the post from there ;)).



М: We got a dog named Erik.

I filmed a video, surprise for a birthday and we managed to keep it a secret.

A close friend of mine from Brazil was visiting us with her mother and sister.

I signed my big daughter for hip-hop dancing, because she wanted to. She can’t wait for every lesson. 


V: Seems like October was good for surprices :) I managed to do one as well = my trip to Spain was a surprise for my mom, she almost broke a bunch of dishes when she saw me walking in their flat in Alicante…


shot october

shot october1

М: Enjoy, life’s a blink of an eye.


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