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Have you ever noticed how sometimes we get stuck? 

Like an old record or videotape - you might not know what I’m talking about if you’re a 21 century kid, but for everyone else - these are a couple of funny reminders from the 90’s that make us smile :)


Actually moments when you’re stuck are normal, because we cannot function full speed non stop. 

But sometimes there’s no time to hit the breaks.

Then the moments of feeling stuck come - the unplanned vacay from our daily life…

So how do we get rid of that feeling - it’s not that hard, but everyone has to find their own recipe for success. 


When I feel stuck, I do understand that I need a break. Time, that I give myself cause there’s no other way!

It might be about 20-30 minutes, but it makes you feel reborn and ready to face new challenges.

It’s funny how a few candles, cup of tea or a magazine can recharge you :)


But sometimes it’s not that easy - we also need inspiration.

Nothing ends up good enough without inspiration. 

So where do we seek for it - that’s individual. And might have nothing to do with the task we’re trying to achieve.

Right now I’m in desperate need of inspiration to finish my master’s dissertation. 

I managed to find it in the super easy yoga in bed (namaste in bed) and I do believe this was inspirational because you just free your mind from  everything /and you don’t have to leave your house/.


So now I’m ready to conquer the end of my academic studies ;) 

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