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November: the fighter

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017 07:56

Meet Valia - the face of VickyWeek in November! She’s one of those people with strong will, inner motivation and incredible endurance. 

We spent the majority of high school at the same desk so we’ve had our fair share of laughter, boredom and so much more :)

And if many things changed on the course of the 10 years we’ve known each other, one thing remained - her motivation for sport and need for win. But more about her November, hear from her…

Valia: Enthusiast and active box, kickbox and muay thai competitor; dental student; coffee, wine ,chocolate, food in general and animal lover… That’s me in a nutshell!

Valia’s associations:

Book: “Tabaco“ by Dimitar Dimov and “The godfather“ by Mario Puzzo.

Movie: Snatch, Million Dollar Baby, Green Street Hooligans.

Music: Godsmack, Trivium, The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys and more!

Activity: everyday trainings, walking the dog.

Food: Goat cheese on a pan with blueberry jam; butter croissants.

Drink: Coffee and wine.



Valia: This year I had a lot of work and I couldn’t enjoy time by the sea but in the end of November I managed to spare some time for a holiday with my boyfriend and my dog in a cozy hotel in the mountain, near Smolyan. 



Vicky: There were two major movie premieres in November - Thor: Ragnaroc and Justice League! Marvel and DC once again have proven that superhero movies are not just for kids, but are actually blockbusters with perfect scripts, amazing actors and cool effects!


Valia: The month began with the Boxing national championship where I took my chance. The championship was in Plovdiv. I do kickbox and myai thai for about 8 years now, but boxing I stated recently and this is the second championship I compete in. I got second place and my club took the silver too in the team category. 


Vicky: Right before the start of December Christmas spirit is everywhere. It’s contagious and I got it too :D and I couldn’t wait till the 1st December to put the decorations! I also did most of my gift shopping - but you know what, it’s nice to start early because then you’ll have much more time to have a stress free holiday season!



november shot1


november shot


Valia: Happy holidays! Smile!