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May: the chef Featured

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Meet Dorina - the face of VickyWeek in May. You may remember her from the sweet workshop I went to earlier this month :) She’s a chef who can make even the biggest skeptic love healthy food!

Check out how chef Dorina Tasheva spent her May :) 

D: Each month is a new challenge especially when it happens to be spring and the blossom of a new life. May means changes for me. I love dynamics and the colorful side of every new beginning. 



Dorina’s associations:

Book – „Wood“ by Rabindranath Tagor, “Hamlet” by Shakespeare, “Tartuff” by Molliere, “The little Prince” by Antoine de Saint Exupery, I love books in general

Movie – „The notebook“, „Ghost“

Music – Chicago

Activity – running, yoga, dancing… I’m thinking of starting boxing classes too ☺

Food – I love everything green, but other than that - Spanish and Italian food are my fave!

Drink – green smoothie and good wine




D: I organized different culinary workshops, I took part in Jamie Oliver’s FOOD REVOLUTION BULGARIA project, that focuses on healthy food and food problems young generation has, trying to find a way to solve them.

V: It’s so inspiring to meet motivated people who do such great events! For me the month was full of positive stuff - my two trips to the sea and the sweet workshop were the highlights!




D: Other than chef, I’m also a volonteering psychologist working with children without parents.

V: Turns out Dorina and me have something in common :) In May I finally got my diploma - I can officially say I’m a psychologist! Even though I’m halfway through my Master’s degree, I got my first diploma from higher education this month :)





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D: Every book leaves a mark in our souls, every movie brings us a scent, every activity becomes a part of us, every scent wakes our memories…

V: These beautiful words remind me of asking where does this love for culinary come from? Maybe it’s a memory…

D: My love for food comes from childhood… I grew up in a family that cherished bread. My grandmothers had the biggest influence for this. Especially one of them because I spent a lot of time with her.  

Her story is special. 

My grandma lost her mother at the age of 2. Her father married again to a woman who leaves my grandma and her sister without food locked in the basement. They grew up in hunger. When my grandma marries and begins her own family, she teaches everyone to cherish food. 

She treated food differently. It was a lot for her and she taught me this. This is what I have from her. I can never forget how her stepmom came one day in our home asking for food because her biological son didn’t feed her and kept her in the basement. Then my grandma fed her. This was the moment when I realized that I wanted to be like my grandma one day - the kindest person in the world. She used to say “you won’t be hungry, you’ll make something from nothing” and she gave me her recipe book because I loved to cook…

She was the heart of the family.

Maybe this is why I love my job so much. It’s special! I dream to be as good as my grandma one day!