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The last few days have been hard on me because I was trying to keep an emotion inside that I so desperately wanted to share with you :)

This weekend I had the pleasure to attend a sweet culinary workshop in Kamayati healthy kitchen by chef Dorina Tasheva!


What is a culinary workshop? 

The culinary workshop is a true masterclass where you learn new recipes and technics - in my case the workshop was dedicated to desserts, to be more specific healthy desserts!


Can desserts be healthy?

They actually can, and they taste even better ;)


Chef Dorina Tasheva showed us what cooking means to her - a real emotion and showed us how to make a few desserts at home. 

We started with a breakfast alternative or the so popular smoothies.

Ours was fruity and so tasty - bananas for the perfect base, strawberries for freshness, dates for sweetness and coconut cream for texture - the result was amazing!


We continued with chia porridge or a slightly jelly like cream made from coconut oil (cold pressed), coconut cream and cashew (soaked in water beforehand). Then we had to be a bit creative by adding fruit, superfoods and different tastes to the base :) My imagination created a cream with cacao, chia, blueberries and a bit of hemp protein. It turned out to be a very delicate dessert with the slightest hint of sweetness - perfect choice for people who seek light desserts.


And those who prefer sweeter stuff would fall in love with the candy and tarts we made!

We could choose to make the candy from a few different bases - walnuts, almonds and cashew - the nuts are combines with fried fruit (dates especially for the sweetness)! 

We drizzled the balls with whatever we wanted: coconut shreds, cacao powder, biscuits…





The candy base we also used as a base for the tats which were out of this world tasty!

We added some fruit and one of the nicest creams I’ve ever tried - cacao-coconut cream with cashew!



And because the sweet workshop was a real holiday, we had to finish it with a cake :)

Chef Dorina Tasheva had prepared the perfect ending with a cake that you can dream of! First I thought it looked so tasty, then I tried it… turned out I couldn’t picture how good it’d be! 


A few hours spent with a bunch of smiling people, who want to learn more about healthy sweets, and the wonderful chef Dorina Tasheva from Kamayati healthy kitchen were a true delight!


Till next time,


Photos: Arsen Nikolov

P.S. You can find chef Dorina Tasheva and her culinary temptations in Kamayati healthy kitchen in Plovdiv, 52 Sv. Ivan Rilski str.

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