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Meet Dessy. Actually you might already know her as DessyTalks.

Dessy is charming, she talks sweet and has the most contagious laugh: we might have not seen each other face to face, but I feel like I know her well. And that’s because of her Youtube channel where she has thousands of viewers.

But what makes Dessy different from the other youtubers: it’s simple - to deserve an audience you have to be charismatic, to have the skills to tell stories and have fresh ideas for videos - well, it seems like she’s a true guru because just for a few months she managed to become the favorite youtuber for a lot of girls :) I admit that if she doesn’t upload at least once a week, I start missing her!

If you’re interested in a youtuber’s month, I’m leaving you in her hands, I can’t wait :)

Dessy’s associations:

Book: 451 Farenheit, Ray Bradbury

Movie: 21 grams

Music: Indie rock

Activity: watching Youtube videos

Food: ice cream

Drink: water



D: In April I spent a few days in Velingrad and a few in Plovdiv and this gave me a lot of energy. I am a home kinda gal but I also love to be outside, and to change the surroundings, I aim for diversity. I prefer Velingrad for relax, ever since I have a kid it turned into our favorite place for pool games. Morning till evening. In the water. So you got me ;) 

Plovdiv is always wonderful - it’s my place. I often joke that the moment I see the city sign I get sleepy and this is not by accident - there’s no other geographical width filled with so much calmness and friends.


V: Dessy was in Plovdiv, I was in Sofia :) A bit more that a week ago was the second concert of Pain in Bulgaria and this time I did not miss it! 

There was a 3 hour delay because of a defect in the band’s bus, but the concert was everything I expected if not more :)

The warm up band was cancelled which only made us happier (c’mon who likes the warm up bands).

Pain gave the frozen audience almost 2 hours of perfect hard sound that I still hear in my ears and this makes me so energized!

From Monkey Business, through Suicide Machine, to Shut your mouth - it was an unforgettable night!



D: I’ll never forget last month because it was the first Easter that my 2 year old daughter managed to really enjoy. We painted eggs, baked some goodies and had so many amazing emotions that will become valuable memories. April is special with my partner’s birthday as well, we had some great time on this holiday too. April’s theme was definitely “Family” for me.

the vlogger

V: My month was focused on family as well - maybe because of the holidays or because it was the month of exams for my brother :) The Easter gatherings were a few, filled with food and so many talks that for me are the sweetest part of every holiday!


shot desi


shot vicky april



D: Although April was so wonderful, I prefer looking forward to my favorite month - May and to wish everyone a love of smiles, meetings with valuable people and lots of sun! 

V: And if you’d like to smile and have some sunny emotions, you can check out Dessy’s channel ;)


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