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Spring strategies for the perfect weekend

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It’s spring and Easter just passed which meant a few things: getting ready for the holiday, non working days and a lot of family lunches and dinners. 

As much as we love all of those things, everyone needs some time off just for himself. To be alone and do what he loves :)

Check out my essentials that I cannot miss for the holidays!

Rest can be done differently by everyone. For me there has to be music that give me the emotions I need - in the case, some fun - I get this by listening to songs like Rebel, Rebel by David Bowie - there’s no way not to dance and sing along ;)


These few hours that I give myself are perfect for catching up with my fave blogs. I let my thoughts float then. The blog I cannot miss a post on is Its lovely owner has the same name as me and inspires me each week <3

And because the last weekend happened to be Easter, I couldn’t not enjoy my granny’s cookies she makes every year. I had too much. But it’s just once a year, right :)


Okay, we’re energized because of the music, inspired because of the blog and full because of the cookies - what else: we need some color because without it, it just wouldn’t be spring!

For the color splash I put my trust in Pirin Hill, who never dissapoint - their spring line of bamboo socks is to die for! Colorful, different and causing smiles - what more could you want!



Warning: Be carefull with the color explosion, it may cause you to become a sock monster ;)


Till next time,


Photos: Arsen Nikolov