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Meet Geri - the face of VickyWeek for the most feminine month - March.

All of us know at least one person who makes you laugh out loud - well, for me that person is Geri with her honest and super natural sense of humor.

And I think this is the right way to view life - funny and even through pink glasses :) I don’t know if pink glasses are suitable for Geri because she has been living for some time now on the Island - you know - the one where it never stops raining… The Island sounds way better than the U.K. :D 

And because we’re all citizens of the world, but we’ve all been raised in different cultures, check out how does Geri spent her month - as close and as far away from Bulgaria :)

Geri’s associations:

Book: The Parisian Suite (Michael Gabel)

Movie:  Me before you

Music:  The Chainsmokers-Paris

Activity: walks /not only shopping :D/

Food:  croissants /with butter/

Drink: cappucino - all day

Geri: I wonder how to start my story of last month, it was filled with pretty positive emotions, some travel… and rain which is kinda typical for the place where I live. So let’s start from the 1st…



G: This year I welcomed Baba Marta in London, where I received my martenica. I live far from the capital but I often love to go there even for a day or two. Well, this time I wasn’t impressed. It was raining all the time. I got home with a horrible flu and I had to stay home for a few days.  


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I don’t think there’s a Bulgarian who doesn’t get nostalgic when he’s away from the homeland, more so on the national holiday. But even in England, we managed to celebrate with friends who came by for the weekend. Sadly, we didn’t end up in London, but we took a tour across Chester and Liverpool. I was the travel guide, of course, showing them all the landmarks. 

V: I also did some traveling this month. If you’ve missed reading my posts from Spain, where I was on a sunny birthday week, you can check them out <3 But not only I had birthday this month - a sweet little princess from my family turned one (you can see a picture from the party below). Other than birthdays, this was also the month of Bulgarian music - PIF and Stefan Valdobrev in the course of few weeks live in Plovdiv is kinda awesome ;)




G: I had planned a getaway to Bulgaria in the middle of the month because of my graduation. My days there pass so quickly trying to catch up with loved ones. I said goodbye to unilife (for now), got my long awaited diploma, tossed a hat, celebrated and got back to the Island.

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V: My month was really far from education… But I’m not ashamed, I turned 24, VickyWeek turned 1… it was quite a festive month and I had to celebrate with shopping… I might have gone too far but you know, March is just once a year ;)


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G: March was a great month. With the spring coming I get more motivated to fight for my dreams. I get energized and it’s an energy for positive change. I hope everyone manages to welcome spring into their soul so that we can all bring joy to the people around us! 

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