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Our girly summer start

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The weather in Bulgaria is still hot and cold, but in Spain it’s already full on summer mode. Last week was a real girly summer adventure in Alicante for me, my mom and my aunt - my fave ladies :)



All the colors of the city brought me back for the second time this year and showed me it’s more lively side. Because it’s the tourist season. And the season of the beaches. 

We found ourselves in the crowds of tourists and got some sun at the beach. 

And what could possibly make the vacay better: the time spent together.

Because people make the experience. 




And ours was filled with so much laughter and stories in the most beautiful backgrounds <3

Amazing start of summer - so let’s hope the whole season would be like this week :)


Till next time,


Photos: Julian Georgiev

Location: Alicante, Spain