Shanda Rimes did it!  The crossover of the year is a fact.  Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder interlaced and gave us 2 unique episodes in which Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating united. The speculations that the two hit shows exist in the same Universe ended up being real! But what happens when two of the best shows on TV join hands?  The recipe is clear, the result - perfect hour and a half for unwinding this weekend. Scandal is on its last run, the latest season doesn’t disappoint, and the crossover with How to Get Away with…
Wednesday, 22 November 2017 06:51

Pre-holiday pamper

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Hey! When mornings and evenings become colder, we seek ways to spend more cozy tome at home. Then these moments come - the ones for pamper sessions.  And even though holiday season hasn’t arrived yet, the stuff I’m about to tell you about may turn out to be cool Xmas gift or stocking stuffer ideas ;)   Body. A hot bath or shower in the company of a body scrub is a true pleasure for the senses.  Lately I’ve been pampering myself with the Optiat exfoliant - mine has mint scent and the combo with coffee reminds me of those…
Wednesday, 27 September 2017 07:32

The different skincare - MGC Derma

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Hey! You may know how obsessed with skincare I am - we wear it our whole lives though ;)  Recently I discovered a very interesting brand and I’m impressed with their eye cream.  MGC Derma are an Australian brand with an European based production.  But what makes MGC Derma stand out from any other skincare brand: they use the quite provocative ingredient CBD, which as it turns out, has incredible skincare benefits. CBD contains more natural essential fatty acids than any other plant-derived oil in an ideal 3: 1 ratio: Omega-6: Omega-3, and is also rich in vitamin E, which…
Wednesday, 16 August 2017 07:29

3 must haves 1 brand

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Hey! In the middle of August we try to hold on to the thought of that it’s still summer, right :) And even though back to school season is right around the corner, we’re still into boho clothes, comfy sandals and sunnies!  But today we are not chatting about clothes, sandals or sunglasses - we’re chatting about the 3 products you’ll fall in love with in summer (if you haven’t already :)) There’s something quite addictive about spray products, don’t you think (or is it just me)?  They’re easy, fast and super fresh - maybe that’s why there a staple…
Wednesday, 17 August 2016 07:18

Suicide Squad: adore it or hate it

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Hey! About a week after the premiere of Suicide Squad I managed to stay away from any reviews, critics and spoilers on the internet so that I can watch the movie immuned from prejudices. And I did it. Now I’ll share my thoughts on the movie… and there will be spoilers! It may be strange to dedicate a whole post to a movie but I wanted to see this one ever since they said it was going to happen. And guess what - I have stuff to say about it ;)  Let’s start with a bit of history - no,…
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