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A few days ago the long awaited Doctor Strange hit the theaters. I can’t wait to share my thoughts without giving away too much ;)

For me that’s the movie of the year: Benedict Cumberbatch as a superhero… it doesn’t get better than this!

I expected Doctor Strange from the moment they announced the acting crew. I was even more hyped because of the first trailer… I literary counted the months, weeks, days till the premiere: I just couldn’t wait! So finally November came and Doctor Strange with it! 

But who’s he and where does he stand in the Marvel Universe?

Doctor Steven Strange is a brilliant neurosurgeon, very arrogant and too selfish. This might remind you of Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man - well it’s not - Steven Strange is way more complex. Actually one of the interesting parts of the movie is the way the character transforms in time. He changes before our eyes, just how people in real life do. 

His brilliant career finds its end after a accident that leaves Strange disabled and takes away his most important thing: his job.


And what follows?

Everything he can to get his old life back. It’s impossible to move on like this: and the terrors of Strange are shown amazingly!

Despaired from modern medicine and the inability to recover him, he takes a trip to Nepal with his last money. Where he finds his last hope. 

He sees a whole new world there. A world where spiritual exists. A world you have to believe in. But still, a world where you can find wi-fi ;) 

Marvel finally took that huge step  they introduced magic to their cinematic universe. And this makes Doctor Strange such a special experience! Magic has always been a winning point for the fantasy worlds not so much for the superhero ones. However Doctor Strange is gonna break this stereotype, I’m sure. The visual challenges are truly what makes the audience fall in love with this movie. Plus the slight humor that has to make you laugh.

Yes, the restructuring of reality does remind of Inception but is there something wrong with that? :) And the levitating cloth was so cool!

Magic itself was different in this movie. It was explained so that you can believe it exists!


So now comes my question: you really can believe Doctor Strange and his magic tricks but can you believe me… I mean we trained quite a bit for these photos with Arsen :) 

Going back to the production:

The life of an arrogant man who’s actually a brilliant doctor turns 180 degrees having him to face different life dillemas. It’s interesting how the director chose to let each viewer decide how much time did Strange need to learn to live his new life. 

Good and evil, magic and reality, time and timelessness: these aspects meet, merge and deflect in the world of Doctor Strange. He becomes one of the keepers of the world and does it with such lightness that you say to yourself: the Avengers can’t compare the slightest :D

What makes the movie different was the cool concept. Sometimes you don’t need huge fights, many explosions or sea of blood to win. Sometimes, just sometimes mind is the weapon. And I just have to say this: Dormamu, I’ve come to bargain ;) 

You may know that Marvel movies always end with teasers. Well Doctor Strange ended with two so stay till the end of the lines to find out where we’ll see Doctor Strange next and who’s gonna be the villain in the sequel ;)  

But before future Doctor Strange projects: open your mind and believe… 

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov

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