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Suicide Squad: adore it or hate it

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About a week after the premiere of Suicide Squad I managed to stay away from any reviews, critics and spoilers on the internet so that I can watch the movie immuned from prejudices. And I did it. Now I’ll share my thoughts on the movie… and there will be spoilers!

It may be strange to dedicate a whole post to a movie but I wanted to see this one ever since they said it was going to happen. And guess what - I have stuff to say about it ;) 


Let’s start with a bit of history - no, I won’t introduce you the the DC world, but just let you know what happens in Hollywood now. Even if you’re not a superhero movie fan, there’s no way you haven’t noticed that these kind of movie release all the time. It’s a fact that movies made based on comics always attract a certain type of audience but this changed in the past few years. 

The two major companies DC and Marvel started to make their comics into movies. This made the stories way more understandable for people who don’t read comics. The fact that Marvel made the first step to the new era of superhero movies probably won them a few steps ahead of DC but for me this is not an explanation why critics spill the dirt on DC so much and love Marvel.


The two universes are completely different from one another. You can feel this by the emotional tune of the stories. Marvel have more optimistic storylines that are more convenient for kids than the darker DC stories (even though the DC stories have a sort of charm that attracts people and what I’m about to say will sounds crazy to a lot of you but still: Green Lantern was a great movie!)

This year Marvel scored high with their fun Deadpool, which turned into favorite movie for thousands of people. The other fun superhero movie was Suicide Squad. Unfortunately the critics were bad for the squad - there were tons of bad reviews and low ratings (the comparisons were with Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy). The bad reviews even provoked a petition to close Rotten Tomatoes (one of the most well known websites for movie critics)!


You probably can tell why I stayed away from any information about the movie before going to see it - even if the reviews were great, I still didn’t want to have any expectations other than my own!

I went into the cinema carefree with no spoilers in my mind… only my expectations (that were whispering that I’d love it!). And by the way I hadn’t read anything about the storyline even though I knew who the characters were. And as you know you can’t figure out a whole bunch of stuff from the trailers.


The beginning of the movie starts with the introduction of the superheroes antiheroes and I loved it! They seem like a bunch of horrible people and metahumans who are actually killers. They’re locked in a prison which they’d escape soon but not on their terms. 

The action is set a bit after Batman v. Superman when humankind is scared of who’s going to be the next Superman and if he’s gonna be a villain. The government is trying to figure out different strategies agains the metahumans and comes up with the plan to use criminals as an army agains evil. 

Bad vs Evil is the slogan of the production and it shows what happens in the movie.


The whole cast is brilliant and even the presence of Jai Courtney can’t annoy you! Will Smith as Deadshot is genius - the story of the assassin can melt your heart and you’ll think he’s good even that he’s actually bad ;) But I think the expectations for Will Smith weren’t as huge as those about Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Harley is well known for the DC comics fans. Margot managed to surpass all the expectations and portrait a perfect character! Crazy, magnetic and unpredictable - this is how you can describe Harley. This is probably why the Joker fell in love with her :) 

And speaking of the Joker - many actors have played him in different movies and somehow after Heath Ledger nobody wanted to give Jared Leto a chance to show his Joker. The oppinions about Leto’s Joker were polar. I think he showed a different kind of Joker. The one we haven’t seen before. An underground version of him that I enjoyed.

The rest of the antiheroes here awesome as well but I think their stories didn’t really made a big impact on the movie as well as the ones of Harley and Deadshot (but that’s impossible for a 2hour movie). To be honest, I’d watch a separate movie for every character (maybe excluding Killer Croc, I wasn’t impressed with him). 


And what happened in the movie itself - the convicted criminals were set free (well not quite) to save the world (of course). But which villain would want to save the world - so they were given an ultimatum that if they try to escape or disobey their commander, they’ll be killed… You may get where Suicide Squad comes from now - it’s just a suicide mission. 

Lond story short - the band did save the world but the way they do it will make you laugh, want to be next to them in the bar scene and you’d want to know so much more about them…

Even though the critics were so negative, I really like Suicide Squad. And if it only took me 2 hours to like a bunch of horrible people, then the crew did their job ;) It’s a fun movie, perfect for the summer!

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov