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If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you may remember that a few months ago I shared an exciting package that arrived for me. It was the Realash serum.

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And why was it so exciting? Because most ads that promise so many stuff have negative reviews. Well, it’s diferent with this product - all the reviews I’ve came across were super nice and this formed my expectations.

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I’ve been using the product for a bit more than 3 months. The sales rep that I talked to told me that I have to apply the serum every night for 3 months for optimal results. And that’s what I did - not skipping even a day :) After these 3 months the use can be reduced to a few times a week. 


The first results were visible in the first month - my lashes became thicker and fuller. A few weeks later they were even longer. The effect is really a “wow” one, especially when you apply a bit of mascara ;)

And what exactly is this serum?

The product comes in a tube like a mascara one. It has no color or scent. It applies with a brush in the root of the lashes - it’s like applying a liner without the cat flick. It takes a second and it can be easily added to your routine - I apply it at night on a clean face. It’s not hard to apply it everyday, especially if you put it next to your night cream :)

If you dream of longer, thicker and fuller lashes without using falsies, you an try the Realash serum!

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov

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