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This week I'm surpricing you with one more blog post :) It's a bit different from the ones I've been doing - it's all about the cult palette by Morphe 35O. Dessy from Dessytalks and I decided to compare the Morphe palette with a Lollipop one. 

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So here's a few words about Dessy and her beauty blog - she's from Plovdiv, lives in Sofia, she spends her time with her daughter and writes frequently in her blog. You can find everything about makeup and skincare, some korean products and topics about motherhood, books and music in the blog :)

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But let's go back to the hero today - Morphe's palette! Last year 35O came out and quickly became a fvorite for beauty bloggers and youtubers around the world. It's simple, when Jaclyn Hill and NikkieTutorials rave about a product, everyone goes to buy it. So the palette quickly became out of stock everywhere!  

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A few months later I saw the 35O in Beautybay by accident (wasn't even looking for it). The palette was out of stock of course. But after checking the website everyday for a good few weeks, the palette got in stock and I made my purchase! 

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The sleek black packaging opens up with a push and the absolute perfection comes to life! The only down side is the missing mirror. But you know the price is right and you do get amazing quality shadows!

The colors are stunning, go with every skintone, eye color! The shadows are so soft and pigmented! Dessy had mentioned that a Lollipop palette looks similar so let's see some of the colors! 

IMG 2503 Fotor1

 MG 2492

Dessy and I chose 10 colors to swatch and describe: 

Starting with №2, the perfect inner corner highlight. Perly and perfect for everyday! 

№4 is a bronzy - gold with glitter and feel super smooth.

№9 is one of the very interesting colors. In the palette it looks like light gold when applied on the eyes you can see the pink particles that look super cute! 

№20 is a rose gold and catches the light beautifully! 

№21 is a copper color - one of my faves - it's bold and looks great in the outer corner!

№23 is one of the softest shadows. It's dark brown with gold specs - one of the classiest shadows and perfect for the colder months. 

№27 is a warm color between a bronze, a brown and a red. It's really delicate and could be used for a romantic look.

№28 is a matt color with intensity and warmth. 

№31 is a smooth coldtoned dark brown, could be called a chocolate and it's great for smokey eyes. 

And last №35, for me that's the star of the palette. It's a red-brown-copper with mettalic sheen and soft texture. It looks rustic and I love it!  

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35О was everything I expected and even more! Check out Dessy's thoughts on the Lollipop palette and see for yourself if it's a dupe :)

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov

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