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In the middle of August we try to hold on to the thought of that it’s still summer, right :) And even though back to school season is right around the corner, we’re still into boho clothes, comfy sandals and sunnies! 

But today we are not chatting about clothes, sandals or sunglasses - we’re chatting about the 3 products you’ll fall in love with in summer (if you haven’t already :))

There’s something quite addictive about spray products, don’t you think (or is it just me)? 

They’re easy, fast and super fresh - maybe that’s why there a staple during summer. 

Today I’ll telling you all about my three fave sprays from La Roche Posay, I use everyday :


When you hear summer and spray, the first thing that pops up is thermal water, right - these types of waters became a trend a few years ago and there’s a reason for that. 

They don’t only refresh but also have a calming effect on your skin which makes them a savior after being out in the sun :)

But if you’re out in the sun don’t rely on thermal water to calm your skin down - always wear sun protection! 

Yes, it’s sometimes annoying and yes, some products (especially face ones) don’t look flattering. But this year La Roche Posay blew the socks off of the competitors with their innovative sun protection spray product! 

The mattifying face mist with SPF50 from the Anthelios line can be worn even on top of makeup, which makes it perfect for the city, not only for when you’re on the beach :) 


And speaking of mattifying this brings up the fact that we’re constantly battling agains shine on our faces in summer. 

La Roche Posay scored a strike with bringing out the  Serozinc spray this summer (in the Bulgarian market).


Serozinc battles agains large pores, mattifies, refreshes and clams down the skin. You can use it after cleansing or as a fixing mist after you’ve applied your makeup and me - I can’t imagine my skin care without it anymore :)

These are the three sprays that can make your summer cooler and easier: do you have a favorite among them? 

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  • Anika May

    Love the photography in this post!

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  • Victoria

    In reply to: Anika May

    Thank you so much Anika <3