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You may know how obsessed with skincare I am - we wear it our whole lives though ;) 

Recently I discovered a very interesting brand and I’m impressed with their eye cream. 

MGC Derma are an Australian brand with an European based production. 

But what makes MGC Derma stand out from any other skincare brand: they use the quite provocative ingredient CBD, which as it turns out, has incredible skincare benefits.

CBD contains more natural essential fatty acids than any other plant-derived oil in an ideal 3: 1 ratio: Omega-6: Omega-3, and is also rich in vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant! 

What can be expected from the oil is even tan, moisturized skin, regenerating cells, and protecting against UV rays and wind.

For those who are concerned about the ingredient, MGC Derma assures, that it is certified by the European Union and all halogenic agents have been removed from the formula. 

But let’s go back the the star of this post: the eye cream!  


It aims to reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles. The cream also restores the elasticity of the delicate skin around the eyes. 

Its light formula arsorbs quickly without leaving a film, which is a big plus for me. Also it doesn’t irritate the eyes, which happens a lot with other eye products if you have sensitive skin. 

You can find the product, as well as the entire MGC Derma skincare line, in their online shop.

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