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When mornings and evenings become colder, we seek ways to spend more cozy tome at home. Then these moments come - the ones for pamper sessions. 

And even though holiday season hasn’t arrived yet, the stuff I’m about to tell you about may turn out to be cool Xmas gift or stocking stuffer ideas ;)  


A hot bath or shower in the company of a body scrub is a true pleasure for the senses. 

Lately I’ve been pampering myself with the Optiat exfoliant - mine has mint scent and the combo with coffee reminds me of those mint chocolates that can make you wanna melt from the taste!



And speaking of bath time, I have to share my deep obsession with hair oils, I have a special love for argan oil and the Harem shampoo with argan oil is just so delicate and nourishing, that I can’t pick another one anymore!



Skincare is something not many women can live without. But it’s hard to pick skincare as a present so I’m offering you something different! 

Something that I don’t find like pampering, but more like a necessity - the face brush - I know how some people don’t find it doing wonders but I do - I use mine almost daily and I can see a difference in the appearance of my skin. It cleanses deeply - times more efficient than fingertips or cotton pads! Most alternatives at the market are quite expensive and this may be the reason why you’ve been putting aside purchasing it, but this makes it a great Xmas gift, so remind a close friend of family member how happy you’d be if you get one ;) 


I hope I raised your curiosity and if you’re wondering what to write in your letter to Santa, these may be some hints ;)

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