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Fresher than ever with Himalaya

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Today we’ll talk about beauty :)

Because it’s spring, because we have to be fresher than ever, more glowing than ever and more smiling than ever, this season more than any other, we aim for our skin to look its best…

And because with every new season skin changes (at least mine does) we renew our skincare (at least I do) - or maybe this is just a pretext to try a new product ;)

Well, I found a few that I’m never giving up on!

ogledalo kolaj

If you’re from Bulgaria I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of Himalaya’s products! The brand believes in nature’s power using herbs and other natural ingredients in their cosmetics.

This spring I tried a few of their products that I hadn’t before.

I’m starting with the cleanser that I fell for from the first use :)

Clear Complexion Whitening Face Wash gently cleanses the skin. But what got me interested was the saffron as an ingredient (I’ve only had it in my paella before). It turned out that saffron is not only good in culinary recipes but also in cosmetics! It whitens the skin and evens the skin tone, gives glow and makes skin texture better while battling with scaring. Other than saffron, the gel has some natural ingredients that regulate the melanin, nourishing and calming ingredients.

From the first use the skin feels clean, fresh and visibly more radiant which surprised me - it’s rare to find a product that works from the first use :) 

I use it every day and I see even better results!


I’m not the first person to tell you how beneficial skin masks are, right ;) So let’s skip the lecture!

I use masks 1-2 times a week and I pick ones that suit my skin at the moment. 

In spring I prefer purifying masks. And I wanted to try something new - I chose the Purifying Neem Mask for normal to oily skin. It deep cleanses and fights agains imperfections and the fact that it’s a mud mask makes it so easy to remove!



Other than masks one more step that makes a huge difference in your skin is exfoliating. 

Last year I chose a product made from plum nuts. This year I chose something a bit different -  Exfoliating Apricot Scrub with vitamin Е. The name shows that it’s made of apricots, but it has also added apple and wheat to nourish the skin and calm it. Actually I haven’t used an exfoliant that I don’t like yet but I’ve only ever tried 4-5 different ones. This one won my heart with its fresh fruity scent! 



And speaking of fruity scents, we end up with the last product that is just for spring and summer - the lip balm with SPF 30. To be honest the lips are not the typical place where you’d put SPF right ;)  But they can also get burnt and if that has ever happened to you, you’d know the awful burning sensation. The balm has one of those drier consistencies that don’t leave a greasy residue but it does leave a white tint on the lips that I hide with a lipstick or you can try a lipgloss ;)



Just like that we’re ready for the warmer days with radiant skin that we can emphasize with a smile and good mood!

Till next time,


Photos: Arsen Nikolov