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Do you feel that we’re living in more and more polluted surroundings? Asian dermatologists discovered that there’s a real connection between skin’s aging and the polluted environment. They called it polluaging. 

And what is a polluted environment: it’s car gas, smog and dirt, which are the companions of every big city. They’re bad for our bodies but also they’re bad for our skin - they clog pores, sit on top of the skin and cause all sorts of problems - from spots to redness and premature aging. 

The Chinese association of dermatologists discovered a few months ago that the skin of people who live in big cities ages 10 times faster than the skin of people who live in small town and villages. So let’s be honest - there’s 2 alternatives: move from the big city or take better care of our skin. I choose the second one ;)

Cleaning and regular face masks can really change the appearance of your skin. But you have to use products that are really going to deep clean your skin. And don’t be lazy - 2 times per day is not that hard :)


The newest weapon in my arsenal of skin products is the new line of micellar waters Ultra by La Roche-Posay. They come in three variations: for sensitive, reactive and oily skin. 

If you somehow haven’t heard of micellar waters before - it’s probably the most effective way to clean your face from makeup and dirt. 

Let’s go back to the Ultra live from La Roche-Posay: their renewed formula is inspired by the two-phased makeup removers and combines mycelium and glycerin, it’s also infused with thermal water and has minerals with soothing and antioxidant effects.


The water for sensitive skin has 1% glycerin and has been created to be comfortable on your skin, it cleans very delicately. 

The one for oily skin is from their popular Effaclar line (you may remember my review of Effaclar Duo Plus Unifiant). The formula is created with 1% glycerin and 0.1% zinc. The product reduces sebum and shine and I can say it’s my favorite one :)


The water for reactive skin is a revolutionary product. It has 5% glycerin made to reduce the scratching of the skin while cleansing. The micellar water reduces the feeling of tight skin and reduces redness. 

The efficiency of cleaning your skin with micellar water is one of the main steps in the prevention from polluaging. How do you deal with city dirt on your skin? 

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov

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