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Do you feel it? What do you mean what - everything around you. 

Stop, close your eyes and open them again. Hear. Smell and taste. And now touch. 


We use our sensations all the time and how often do we actually feel them as a part of us. Of our mind. Of the way we function.

Do we actually comprehend that everything around us is firstly felt by our sensations?

Isn’t there something magical in every sensation?

Everything started with the scenery. So bright, so white. Vast and brilliant. Real and unrealistically beautiful.


It went through the silence, and then the background noice. But somehow everything was picture perfect.

It smelled like winter. Does it have a smell? It has to have, if we feel it. Or we make it up… Anyways, I felt it. 

The cold air notched with every word, every breath. You could almost taste it. Hmm, did it have a taste… I tried to touch it - the snow.  Burning. Weird. And so familiar.

I closed my eyes. I was home.

I was reading the history of tea in Europe. It was associated with etiquette and a certain behavior. In the 17th century it was only available for the royal family and the aristocracy in the UK, later in the 19th century the afternoon tea was the place to socialize. Nowadays tea is everywhere and you can consume it anytime. But there’s something quite special about it. Do you feel it? The perfect balance of scent and taste.

Morning: English Tea No. 1.

Known and rich: exactly how you prefer your black tea. 

Or you feel like experimenting. Let’s start again.


Morning: Peach & Passion Fruit.

Combination of black tea and fruit can wake all of your senses in a second.


Afternoon: Green Tea Pure.

Best time of the day. A sip that can take you places  exotic or well known and so nice.


Evening: Detox.

You feel it. The warm blanket and the hot cup. Smell of herbs and a spicy note of ginger. Exactly what you need before going to bed.

And then? Then everything becomes quite. You close your eyes and calm your breath…

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov

 Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria


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